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Miamians are not immune to injury or other forms of harm, and when they are the victims of negligent or intentional wrongdoing, they may be able to find out about relevant mass torts—possibly yours—through social media. Your law firm could see a significant boost in the quantity and quality of plaintiffs for your mass torts, should you choose to rely on social media marketing experts for your digital advertising campaigns.

The team at X Social Media uses our industry knowledge to get the most out of our clients’ advertising budgets. We will boost your digital marketing with a comprehensive social media advertising strategy that fits your firm’s vision and goals. Call our X Social Media team today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about how our Miami mass tort lawyer social media marketing Xperts can help your firm.

Your Firm Needs to Stand Out Among the Crowd

It is more important than ever to differentiate your law firm from the competition. That means exhausting the most effective forms of marketing available to you, both in terms of cost and results. Consider that digital advertising offers several advantages over legacy forms of advertising, and that social media advertising, in particular, should be a staple of your Miami mass tort lawyer social media marketing approach.

Some of the most common forms of legal advertising of day’s past lack the benefits that digital advertising can provide. A billboard, newspaper advertisement, or radio spot generally cannot:

  • Provide in-depth information about who is seeing your advertisement
  • Provide any insight into how the typical viewer is responding to your advertisement
  • Track the path that led a viewer to your advertisement
  • Communicate a nuanced message about the specific tort or your firm in general

The driver of a car or a distracted radio listener is generally not the sort of captive audience that is likely to take immediate action. By the time they get to a computer or are in a safe position to make a phone call, they may have already forgotten about your advertisement.

Now consider digital marketing, and social media marketing in particular. Those who are adept at using social media generally have a strong command of computers and mobile devices. When they see your advertisement and are compelled to act, they can simply:

  • Open a new tab or window
  • Navigate to your firm’s website
  • Sign up for your mass tort

This convenience exemplifies the age that we live in, and it highlights the importance of a well-conceived, well-funded digital marketing strategy to help your firm’s plaintiff acquisition.

Embrace Social Media as a Cost-Effective Marketing Medium

Facebook advertising campaigns are practical ways that a small business can advertise, because:

  • The Facebook user base in the United States is large and is expected to continue growing.
  • Facebook advertising is among the most developed of all social platforms (in terms of its ability to provide insight into your advertisements’ performance).
  • The platform offers the opportunity to retarget an audience with Facebook dynamic ads, which extend your ads’ reach beyond the website.
  • Facebook users have come to rely on the social network for several aspects of their life, and you may find that these users are more likely to engage with your advertisement than you anticipate.

A key to any successful Facebook marketing strategy is knowing how to maximize the tools that the platform makes available. Our X Social Media Facebook Xperts will get the most out of your advertising budget. We will employ tactics such as our Feedback Loop technology, designed to craft targeted advertisements based on real-time conversations.

If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

Instagram Is a Marketing Channel Befitting of Miami

Miami is a city known for its hipness, constantly on the cutting edge of trends across industry lines. If you are seeking plaintiffs for your mass tort who reside in the Miami area, you must not only exude the right message, but also transmit that message through the most relevant of platforms—Instagram fits that bill.

Advertising on Instagram requires a more visual approach, and our X Social Media team will ensure that your Instagram advertising campaign suits your law firm and targets the type of plaintiffs that you hope to attract.

Services Provided by X Social Media

Our team at X Social Media serves the legal sector, helping law firms such as yours master the nuances of social marketing for the purposes of growing your plaintiff base for specific mass torts (and your law firm as a whole). We aim to achieve this goal by:

  • Creating a Facebook page if your firm does not already have one
  • Creating an Instagram page if your firm does not already have one
  • Purchasing advertising on both platforms
  • Working with you and your team to ensure that the advertising campaign strategy fits both your vision and your budget
  • Moving social media users through your sales funnel and converting them into clients
  • Providing user metrics that will help refine your advertising approach and show the effectiveness of our strategy
  • Assigning a dedicated digital marketing manager to respond to all of your questions and concerns
  • Doing all of this while following the all-important Florida Bar marketing guidelines

Our goal is to share the word about your tort through intelligent social media marketing, and in doing so, to raise the profile of your firm within a crowded Miami legal marketplace.

Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

Get the most out of your Miami mass tort lawyer social media marketing budget by embracing the most modern and cost-effective channels for recruiting plaintiffs—and let us help. To find out more about how our Xperts can help you, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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