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Mass torts have the ability to help claimants seek compensation for their losses while allowing their legal team to serve justice on a large scale. When looking for clients to participate in mass torts, some law firms may be at a loss about how to get their name and services out to the public. For this reason, many businesses are turning to social media marketing, which is rapidly evolving into an effective advertising method.One such approach is using ads on Facebook and Instagram as a means to generate pre-qualified leads. The tools from these platforms allow you to get your message to the right audience at the right time. The results have the potential to save your firm time and money while positioning your practice to expand its client base.

With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook and Instagram are an integral part of many people’s lives. X Social Media acts as a digital bridge, connecting your firm to the clients who need you most. Our team has helped 300 businesses and has generated over 33,000 leads. To get started with one of our Xperts, call 888-670-0006.

We Know Social Media

X Social Media grew into what it is today because of founder Jacob Malherbe’s desire to help people. He began a simple blog to reach out to people in his hometown after mass exposure to an environmental hazard caused by corporate negligence. Connecting people to the legal representation they need remains a driving principle behind X Social Media’s mission.

The advertising industry has been revolutionized by the internet and social media platforms, presenting new options for mass tort lawyers to get their message to their targeted demographics in ways never thought possible.

Many businesses struggle with social media advertising because they lack an understanding of the complex algorithms it uses, and the tools and strategies required to boost quality lead generation. Expert support from a Los Angeles mass tort lawyer social media marketing agency could add significant value to your advertising return on investment and get more conversions from your leads.

We Can Help You Benefit From Facebook and Instagram Ads

You could always design your own in-house marketing campaign. Yet, effectively doing so takes time, money, and a skillset relating to social media trends and tools. You want clients for mass tort cases. We know what needs to be done to promote that goal. When you work with X Social Media, you get to focus on serving your community while we implement marketing techniques to expand your clientele.

We do this by using Facebook and Instagram analytics to determine what your target audience:

  • Is searching for on social media
  • Has posted to their wall or timeline
  • Has responded to your current marketing strategy

Once we determine what audience you are targeting, we can begin generating customized ads and landing pages for your campaign. Our goal is to help you reach a higher client conversion that saves you time vetting unqualified leads.

If we are able to meet your goals, some of the benefits of working with X Social Media include:

  • A reduction in your overall costs per lead
  • Ability to compete no matter what your practice size is
  • Educating and engaging potential clients during the early stages of mass torts
  • Reaching out to your audience quicker than traditional media
  • Adding a call to action to encourage people to act quickly
  • Updating your message as the tort evolves, nurturing leads and building relationships
  • Bar-approved media and content

An effective digital marketing strategy can put you ahead of your competition and get the right people to your door. Get in touch with one of our Xperts today at 888-670-0006.

You Could Take on More Clients

Social media advertising has seen rapid growth over the years. As the internet becomes people’s main source of information, platforms that once dominated the advertising scene are now taking a back seat to what digital marketing has to offer.

With the right Los Angeles mass tort lawyer social media marketing team, you can avoid missing out on potential clients and get more leads signed cost-effectively.

It is important when choosing who will run your campaigns that they have an understanding of:

  • How to optimize your website and social media pages for the web
  • Evolving trends and how that relates to social media platforms
  • Using social media analytics to gauge user interest and channel that information into leads
  • Using tools to direct prospective clients from your social media page to your website
  • How to create dynamic ads that promote user follow-through

To get the most out of social media advertising, it is not merely a question of having the right skillset––it is also implementing a marketing strategy that suits the individual needs of your business. In the right hands, social media platforms can be invaluable when it comes to getting your message out in a public forum.

You Could Get More Leads and More Clients

X Social Media can help you make a huge impact when it comes to leveraging the opportunities found in Facebook and Instagram ads. We help you find your audience and start a conversation with them, carefully building relationships as they move towards securing legal representation.

We know how to convert data into business intelligence and provide tools that can yield results in a cost-effective way. When you begin working with us, we will have an open and honest conversation relating to your long- and short-term goals, what a successful bottom line looks like for you, and other items of interest. From there, our Los Angeles mass tort lawyer social media marketing team can begin designing improvements for your business’s social media marketing techniques.

To get started with X Social Media, speak with one of our Xperts at (888) 670-0006.

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