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Running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can help your business grow and open new avenues of exposure to your website. Because there are so many benefits to legal advertising, it is helpful to work with an agency that specializes in the legal industry.

At X Social Media, we specialize in Facebook ad creation for the legal industry. We help lawyers reach and educate potential new clients on mass tort cases and your various practice areas, like Los Angeles. Our legal advertising agency supports law firms in a variety of ways, such as with content creation for your website and with qualified lead generation.

Our in-house team of designers, coders, and ad specialists work closely with your law firm to develop unique and creative ad campaigns that are cost-effective. X Social Media is a full-service ad agency that services Los Angeles law firms with advertising creative and specialized landing pages.

When you contact X Social Media online, you can fill out a new campaign order that lists all of your law firm’s contact information, along with:

  • Types of cases/practice areas to advertise
  • Your ideal client for campaigns
  • Demographic targeting preferences
  • Landing page requirements
  • Facebook page requirements
  • Budget details

If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

Start Connecting with Potential Clients Today

Social media marketing can potentially lead your business to discover new clients who require your legal services. Roughly 81 percent of the entire U.S. population is on Facebook, which means the content you publish here could possibly connect with many potential new clients.

For starters, your law firm can use authentic messaging with appropriate imagery to tell profound stories on social media. This type of dynamic content creation is not only eye-catching, but it can also lead users directly to your law firm’s desired landing page. Other means of content creation include legal blog posts.

Once your firm has its own Facebook page built with current company information listed on it, you can begin to actively post. Your firm can then essentially advertise your legal blogs via social media to help promote your practice areas and influence users to reach out to your firm when they require legal recourse.

Facebook’s post boosting option adds an extra element to social media advertising. The boost can essentially advertise a specific post by targeting it to certain regions, genders, and other key demographics. If you have a legal blog covering a specific practice area or are looking to connect with potential clients for mass torts, boosting a Facebook post could help your firm earn more recognition online to support your marketing funnel.

Facebook Targeting for Mass Torts

Compared to boosting a Facebook post, Facebook ads are not geared towards promoting an individual post. Facebook ads are unique ads that our team of creatives at X Social Media can create for your law firm.

Once one of our account ad specialists generates an approved ad for your law firm, we can begin to target audiences based on geography, demographics, user interests, and user behaviors that are tracked by Facebook.

With law firms that specialize in mass torts in Los Angeles, X Social Media can target people in certain locations for a specific mass tort case. X Social Media also dives into the data of Facebook users that respond to ads. From there, our team of coders and ad specialists can research similar Facebook users to those who responded and begin targeting them with your law firm’s ads.

If your Los Angeles law firm needs help with social media marketing, X Social Media can put its legal industry experience to work for your firm. Contact X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about our advertising products or how to get started with our Facebook advertising program.

Learn How Our Los Angeles Legal Advertising Agency Uses Custom Landing Pages for Lawyers

At X Social Media, one of our areas of expertise includes landing page creation for law firms. Our goal is to see your firm earn as many contacts as possible. We create unique landing pages that can lead potential clients to provide you with their contact information. Custom landing pages can ask users specific questions that are generally simple to answer, such as with a Yes/No response.

When using custom landing pages for mass torts, X Social Media can ask users related questions tailored to a potential case while still seeking contact information for the next steps. This process can help your law firm establish more qualified leads while also supporting your conversion rate.

Your conversion rate deals with potential new clients who engage with your custom landing pages while answering questions or filling out contact information. X Social Media has implemented years of testing to ensure our custom landing pages are effective for the legal industry. We use a two-step lead qualification process that is adapted to your unique site and focuses on optimization for conversions.

X Social Media has a team of designers who specialize in creating unique landing pages for your law firm. You can communicate directly with our specialists to ensure we are providing you with the creative products you desire. Our goal is to help your law firm convert visitors to clients, and it takes communication between your firm and our agency to achieve that goal.

X Social Media Can Increase Your Number of Qualified Clients in Los Angeles

Using Facebook ads and custom landing pages with X Social Media can help your Los Angeles law firm increase your number of qualified candidates. When you contact X Social Media today, we can learn more about your firm and its advertising goals to further serve you. We will even help you build a website if your law firm does not have one yet while also supporting your firm’s social media presence.

Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 or contact us to schedule a time to speak with one of our professionals.

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