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Our team at X Social Media aims to help you grow your legal business and, more specifically, to help you gain a greater number of clients for mass torts. We offer a number of services and will customize your Houston mass torts advertising campaign to appeal to the population for greatest effect.Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to obtain more information or start your campaign today.

We Will Help You Stand Out Among the Competition

You do not have to be an advertising guru to figure out that there are many Houston mass tort advertising lawyers. In an era where potential clients are increasingly conducting their lives through digital means, the internet—and social media, especially—is undoubtedly ground zero for attracting potential mass tort clients.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Creating Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm
  • Overhauling or tweaking your existing Facebook and Instagram accounts with lead generation as the central focus
  • Building a custom landing page for your website—which is an invaluable resource for learning about potential customers—and making necessary adjustments to increase client retention
  • Creating individualized campaigns based on specific mass torts that your firm is bringing

We are a results-based operation, and we offer our clients:

  • A team trained in Facebook Marketing tools, which have become essential points of sale for many businesses in the digital age
  • Millions in monthly ad expenditures
  • True, measurable lead generation
  • A wealth of knowledge regarding what works (and, as importantly, what does not) based on our roster of hundreds of clients

As one of our valued clients, our team will provide you with an account manager dedicated to maximizing your mass tort campaign, ultimately ensuring that you grow your reach and, in the end, retain more clients for your lawsuit.

We Specialize in Mass Torts

Some forms of mass tort for which we have created many successful campaigns include:

  • Defective device lawsuits, especially defective medical devices
  • Mass contamination lawsuits
  • Prescription drug-related lawsuits

We understand that your mass tort case is unique. Because of this, it is important to create a campaign that clearly communicates to prospective clients:

  • What criteria make them eligible for your mass tort
  • How you could help them
  • What they must do to join your mass tort

Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about how we will customize a social media-driven campaign aimed at bringing more customers into your mass tort.

What Your Mass Tort Campaign May Look Like

We pride ourselves on customization—that is, rejecting a cookie-cutter approach—in favor of campaigns tailored to:

  • Your ideal customer demographic
  • The specifics of your mass tort
  • The pull factors that your firm alone offers prospective clients

With this in mind, it may be helpful for you to envision how your campaign for customers under the guidance of X Social Media might look.

Some aspects of your campaign may include:

A Polished Landing Page

We can create an appealing and direct landing page that clearly and convincingly explains to potential customers:

  • Why they are qualified to join your mass tort
  • Why your mass tort is easy to join
  • What they stand to gain

An Instagram Account Dialed in to What People Want to See

We can curate and create a steady stream of content that is both eye-catching and clearly explains how followers can join your mass tort.

A Facebook Page Designed Around the Best Practices of Digital Marketing

This page will deploy all available Facebook Marketing tools and will provide critical metrics that will help us tweak our customer targeting practices. You can utilize the specialized features many other businesses take advantage of in order to stay connected to clients.

Overall, we offer a comprehensive social media approach that makes it clear to prospective customers why they should join your mass tort. Our content plan will direct them to the easiest means of joining your suit.

The Internet Can Offer New Opportunities for Lead Generation

The internet became ubiquitous a long time ago, and social media is approaching the same status. Many Americans use Facebook regularly, and many of them rely on it as an all-encompassing source of news, social interaction, and a place where they can make potentially life-altering decisions such as joining a mass tort lawsuit.

Instagram has become an essential marketing tool according to Hootsuite, especially for businesses hoping to remain relevant as the population ages and newer social media platforms, such as Instagram, become the new standard. Let us use our knowledge to help you build your mass tort to its greatest potential.

How You Can Get Started Today

The team at X Social Media will begin by asking a few questions that may prove critical to forming an effective campaign that attracts more clients to your mass tort lawsuit. Some of these questions include:

  • Essential information about your firm, such as its name, contact information, website, and any third-party lead generation and intake services that you currently use
  • What sort of mass tort your case is, as well as any other relevant details that would help us formulate your campaign
  • Who the ideal client for your mass tort is
  • Any specific regions or demographics that you would like us to focus your campaign towards
  • Your budget for the campaign

We work within our clients’ desires and constraints for their campaign, creating a social media-driven approach that reflects your firm.

Call Us Today to Get Your Campaign Started

There is no doubt to those who are paying attention to marketing trends: without a well-conceived, data-driven social media campaign, you are not maximizing the potential of your mass tort case. We will handle the social media for you while you focus on the legal aspects of the case.

Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to start your campaign today.

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