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Millions of Americans use Facebook and other social media websites on a daily basis, creating a prime marketing tool for Houston law firms. Whether you are looking to start building a Facebook page for the first time or are in need of a new mass tort campaign advertising plan, the advertising specialists at X Social Media can support your Houston law firm with in-house designers and creatives.

As a Houston legal advertising agency, X Social Media uses Facebook advertising to increase a law firm’s number of qualified candidates. Our legal advertising firm has a specialized focus on mass torts. This allows us to focus on garnishing qualified leads and a high conversion rate.

X Social Media’s dynamic content creation is utilized to intertwine relatable imagery with authentic messaging to truly tell your law firm’s story. By telling engaging stories that relate to your mass torts or practice areas, X Social Media can work to guide potential clients to your firm’s landing pages, which we can help you create from scratch.

Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to begin working with your new Houston legal advertising agency. When you contact us, you can schedule a time to chat with one of our advertising specialists or further explain your law firm’s advertising goals.

Facebook Ad Targeting for Mass Torts

Facebook advertising allows your law firm to spread your message and services to a wide array of users. But before your law firm starts using Facebook ads, you can also try utilizing Facebook boosted posts to experiment with promoting some of your page’s posts. For instance, if your law firm has released blog posts covering a specific practice area or to target a mass tort, you can post that blog to your Facebook page and boost the post.

Boosting a post on Facebook helps expose your everyday posts so more users can react, comment, or share your content. When you boost a post, you can choose the audience you would like to target, along with your total budget and the duration of the post.

Once you are ready to begin running a full-fledged Facebook advertising campaign, X Social Media is here to help. Because millions of users log into Facebook every day, it presents your Houston law firm with a great opportunity to educate potential new clients on mass torts and your practice areas.

When your law firm runs a Facebook advertising campaign, you will have the ability to create the content that is advertised along with other customized specifics. For instance, Facebook allows ads to be targeted based on geography, demographics, interests, and even behaviors that Facebook has tracked from its users. This means X Social Media can help your law firm target potential clients in certain locales or even based on topics that can relate to an ongoing mass tort.

At X Social Media, we have a running list of our top 10 mass tort campaigns we are currently overseeing for our clients. When your law firm researches a mass tort campaign, you will be provided Facebook campaign data and cost-per-lead breakdowns associated with each tort.

Starting a Campaign Order With X Social Media

If your law firm is in search of a Houston legal advertising agency, X Social Media can kickstart your new marketing approach after completing a new campaign order form. X Social Media’s campaign form allows new law firms to provide us with their specific contact information for advertising and campaign specifics.

Your law firm’s campaign specifics may include the type of cases you are looking to advertise, which could be a practice area of a mass tort. X Social Media also wants to understand your ideal client for the campaign you are looking to run, which your law firm can explain via the campaign order form.

From here, your law firm may detail any specific geographic or demographic targeting that you would like to include in your advertising campaign. You may also specify your law firm’s landing page requirements, daily budget, and total budget.

If your Houston law firm is ready to begin a new marketing chapter with a Facebook ad agency, then contact X Social Media today by calling us at (888) 670-0006.

Landing Page Creation for Law Firms

Another feature we offer Houston law firms is custom landing pages. At X Social Media, we have incorporated years of previous testing to help us design effective landing pages with a two-step lead qualification process. We do so to help ensure the leads we gather through the landing pages will be optimized for conversions.

At X Social Media, we look for your vision when designing custom landing pages, which means we will never run a campaign or lander without your approval. The goal of landing pages is to receive a potential client’s contact information, but we also want to ensure your firm’s brand is being represented correctly in the process.

X Social Media’s landing pages are unique because we do not simply ask for contact information. Our landing pages begin with 3-4 questions that are typically yes/no questions. We follow these up with specific questions to your mass tort, such as any side effects to a drug. From here, we can qualify or disqualify potential clients based on their responses. Overall, this is an approach that will help your law firm filter qualified leads to potentially increase conversion rates.

Contact X Social Media & Grow Your Firm With Facebook Advertising

If your Houston law firm is ready to begin utilizing Facebook advertising for mass torts and other practice areas, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006. When you reach us online, you can complete a contact form that allows your law firm to further explain your advertising goals and budget. You may also schedule a time to speak with one of our ad professionals so we can better understand your unique law firm.

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