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A tort is a civil wrongdoing by a person or company that leads to harm or an injury. Mass torts deal with a single lawsuit that affects a large group of people, typically arising when a party’s negligence results in harm for many different claimants.

Some types of mass torts involve:

  • Product liability
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Environmental issues

Because so many clients can all be affected by one person or company at any given time, law firms have increasingly started to add mass torts to their practice areas.

If your Dallas law firm needs help building a social media marketing platform to grow your mass tort practice, X Social Media can help. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about ways we can help your business with Dallas mass tort lawyer social media marketing.

Using Social Media to Find Mass Tort Clients in Dallas

If your Dallas law firm is looking for clients to join mass tort cases, social media marketing can be a valuable tool. Not only can law firms use social media to explore potential mass tort cases that are happening in their area, but they can also use it to connect with prospective clients interested in those cases.

Helping You Connect with Users

When you work with X Social Media, we can create custom ads that are designed to inform the public about evolving mass torts. While you provide the legal information that you want to share, we can gauge user interest and preferences to make ads that resonate with the audience you are trying to reach. We can then channel that information into feedback you can use to improve your marketing strategies.

Law firms can also use social media to make posts about:

  • Claims made by plaintiffs, such as specific injuries and impairments relating to a certain party’s negligence
  • How prospective clients can join a mass tort
  • What services your firm provides to help claimants receive compensation
  • Any relevant information that gets qualified leads, including a state’s statute of limitations, legal rights, and other details

Depending on your goals and expectations, we can create content that speaks to users on a personal level, encouraging them to follow through with contacting your firm.

Building Your Firm’s Online Presence

At X Social Media, we use social media platforms to help law firms in Dallas increase their number of qualified clients. With millions of users active on Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing is emerging as a viable option for attracting clients to various businesses.

At X Social Media, we can help you with Dallas mass tort lawyer social media marketing regardless of your situation. Whether you are struggling to find new mass tort clients or do not want to do marketing in-house, our social media marketing professionals can provide tailor-made services. Our team can support your Dallas mass tort law firm with both qualified lead generation and dynamic content creation.

Connecting with Your Clients

We believe that a successful social media marketing strategy should be focused on the clients and their claims. When you make a prospective client feel valued, you can increase the chances of them following up with your services.

When looking to gain more clients for a mass tort case, you may want to consider catering advertisements to meet the unique circumstances of the people affected by those damages. For example, let’s say that you want clients to participate in a mass tort for the case against Zantac. In these situations, people are claiming to have developed health complications after using this popular medication.

In your advertisements, you will want to use compassionate, responsive language to appeal to these claimants. X Social Media understands the power that language can have on a marketing campaign and can integrate these elements into your strategies.

It is vital for a law firm’s marketing approach to be driven by the client and their needs. Your law firm can become a beacon of hope for some claimants who might feel they have no options for recourse.

Call X Social Media Today

With 300 clients and 33,000 leads generated, X Social Media has the background your Dallas mass tort law firm is looking for. Our digital advertising agency can build your law firm’s brand with Dallas mass tort lawyer social media marketing tactics to reach a large audience. To make sure that your firm gets the attention it deserves, we assign every account dedicated digital marketing manager who is committed to your interests and conveys your feedback to our team.

If your law firm is ready for a personalized experience when it comes to social media marketing, then it’s time to consider working with X Social Media. To get started with one of our Xperts, call (888) 670-0006.

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