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For lawyers, legal marketing has changed ever since Bates v. Arizona, when the Supreme Court ruled that law firm marketing and advertising was both legal and ethical. Today, the legal industry can use advertising agencies to not only market in print media and on the airwaves, but now, it can reach potential clients online.

Right now, you may want clients to participate in a mass tort. Yet, you may be finding it difficult to reach them. When you partner with X Social Media, we work with you and your team to help clients get through your funnel and convert.

Our Chicago legal advertising agency is data-driven and focuses on running law firm marketing campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. We also help law firms grow their practice by investing in the user metrics and advertising strategies that social media has to offer.

X Social Media can help law firms with qualified lead generation, dynamic content creation, custom landing pages, and much more. Contact our Xperts today to learn more about our legal industry programs, explain your monthly budget, and tell us about your law firm’s advertising goals. Get started with X Social Media today by calling (888) 670-0006.

Law Firm Marketing in Chicago

Before working with a legal advertising agency, you may want to think about your overall marketing plan.

Some elements to consider may include:

  • Your law firm’s goals
  • What your ideal bottom line looks like
  • What marketing strategies you already have in place
  • Your target demographic
  • Your marketing budget, including cost-per-lead

At X Social Media, our goal is to draw more clients to your firm by increasing your online presence and advertising your services where the most amount of people are. When you partner with us, we can review what digital marketing strategies you already have in place and implement measures designed to meet your goals.

We believe that Facebook and Instagram are marketing giants that many law firms have not yet tapped into. Their user metrics, data analysis, targeted ads, and accessibility can all be used in conjunction with your existing marketing strategy. As your Chicago legal advertising agency, we want to handle your digital campaign while you continue to serve clients and your greater community.

To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our X Social Media team at (888) 670-0006.

Working with Facebook Ads

Whether your law firm already has an existing Facebook page or has yet to create one, our team can step in and help. While the average user recognizes the popular platform as a means of staying in touch with friends and family, there are many behind the scenes tools available to business owners.

Some benefits of using Facebook in your digital marketing campaign include:

  • Dynamic ads. Sometimes, potential clients will visit your Facebook page and not immediately follow up with your services. When you employ dynamic ads, users can be reminded about your law firm long after they have logged off the platform. These ads allow you to target your ideal demographic.
  • Facebook user metrics. Facebook has a suite of different tools that allow you to track user engagement, response, and client conversion.
  • The breadth of users. There are over 210 million Americans on Facebook. To meet your marketing goals, you want to be visible. As an increasing number of Americans turn to the web for products and services, you do not want to solely rely on traditional forms of advertising.

At X Social Media, we specialize in creating and managing Facebook ads for the legal industry in Chicago. Our full-service ad agency can work with your Chicago law firm to create ads and content that is always approved by you before we start running your ad campaigns.

Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

Data collected from CNBC reports that Instagram boasts over 800 million users worldwide. Instagram is quickly becoming a marketing giant by being able to seamlessly integrate sound, images, and user interaction into its interface. This app-based platform allows you to use a variety of ads that are designed to promote user engagement in a mobile-friendly layout.

Additional benefits of advertising on Instagram include:

  • The ability to use creative tools to promote brand relevancy and interest
  • User metrics that allow you to accurately measure reach, impressions, and engagement
  • The ability for users to “save” ads and then visit them at a later date
  • Access to Instagram’s analytics dashboard, which can be, in turn, cross-referenced with your Facebook user measurements

At X Social Media, we use our expert industry knowledge to promote your advertising goals at scale. We assign a dedicated account manager to every client so you can actively work with a representative who has your law firm’s growth in mind when employing certain marketing strategies.

Get Legal Industry Expertise with X Social Media

If you want to get more qualified leads to participate in mass torts, the team at X Social Media can help. We work with you and your team to funnel potential clients from your social media page to a customized landing page, where they can share information about their eligibility to enroll in mass tort lawsuits.

Additionally, some of our practice areas include:

  • Mass torts advertising
  • Lawyer marketing
  • Mass tort leads
  • Mass tort marketing
  • Mass tort generation
  • Single event case marketing
  • Single event case leads
  • Law firm legal marketing

If your law firm is struggling to reach a greater audience for mass torts or does not have the resources to analyze the effectiveness of your current marketing campaign, the Xperts at X Social Media can help.

We are ready to get started working with you today. To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our X Social Media team at (888) 670-0006.

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