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If you want to recruit plaintiffs in Chicago for mass torts litigation, you need to stand out from all the other law firms going after these same clients. Your message needs to be where your target audience will see it.

You probably did not go to law school to spend half of your time on advertising, but if you do not have an online presence in today’s digital age, you could be at a disadvantage. X Social Media, LLC, is an advertising agency with a focus on Facebook and Instagram.

X Social Media, LLC, can run your marketing campaigns so that you can spend your time practicing law. If you want to engage in Chicago mass torts advertising, we can be the answer. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can help you increase your website traffic and generate leads.

Types of Mass Tort Cases We Can Help You Advertise

Nearly anything that can hurt large numbers of people has the potential to be the subject of mass tort litigation. Here are some categories of mass tort lawsuits we can help you advertise to potential clients:

Defective Pharmaceutical Drugs

Prescription opioid painkillers that cause addiction and death, diabetes medications that lead to lethal side effects, and Zantac, which after 34 years as the most prescribed drug on the market has now been shown to cause cancer, Thalidomide (which can cause babies to be born without arms or legs) defective drugs result in pain for a lot of vulnerable people who only want to get better. We can aid you in getting these victims the help and justice they deserve.

Defective Medical Products or Devices:

Bair “hugger” warming blankets for use during orthopedic surgery, artificial hip and knee joints that fail, vaginal pelvic or hernia mesh that causes allergic reactions or “glue” internal organs together, and blood vessels that break apart or rupture arteries are just some of the medical products and devices that harm too many consumers.

The people who rely on doctors and surgeons to keep them safe rely on the products as well. We can find the wronged individuals and direct them to your firm.

Defective Motor Vehicles

When exploding airbags, dangerous rear gas tanks, tires that blow out, and brakes that fail injure or otherwise harm drivers, the liable manufacturers and sellers should have to take responsibility.

Transportation-Related Accidents

When airplane crashes or train wrecks make the unthinkable a reality, the victims return to their lives as soon as they can. They may be spread out all over the country or the world. But we can still direct our advertisements to these individuals.

Environmental Disasters

Disasters such as oil spills happen because companies break the law. If a negligent company poisoned a town’s drinking water, we can help you advertise to affected residents. (Ask your rep about how we owned the first page of Google for BP Claims for years after the oil spill.)

Toxic Chemicals

We can put your ads on the computer screens of individuals who were exposed to chemicals like asbestos and Roundup that harm the body. We can also target consumers exposed to other products, like talcum baby powder, that can lead to cancer after years of use as directed.

These are but a few examples of types of mass tort lawsuits for which we can help you recruit clients.

We Understand How to Communicate to Your Clientele

It can be a great challenge to communicate information (like the difference between mass tort and class action cases) to potential clients so that they do not get confused and frustrated. At X Social Media, LLC, we can devise a marketing campaign that shows potential plaintiffs why they should hire you to handle their mass tort case rather than any one of your many competitors.

Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to learn how we can help you.

There Are a Lot of Mass Tort Lawyers (and Advertising Competition)

Because mass tort litigation often involves lawsuits from all over the United States, you are in competition with all the other Chicago lawyers who want these cases as well as attorneys from all over America. There are numerous lawyers in the United States, and many of them would do almost anything to get their hands on new mass tort cases.

How X Social Media, LLC, Can Help You Position Yourself to Attract Clients

Anyone can claim to be a social media marketer, but we actually deliver. Here is what we can do for you:

We Assign a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to Every Client

Your Digital Marketing Manager can assess your needs and take a look at your existing online presence. Your Digital Marketing Manager will be your “go-to” person when you have questions or need help. They make sure you get the results and performance for which X Social Media is known.

We Will Make Your Custom Pages for You

If you do not already have a Facebook page, we can create one for you. The landing pages that we customize for each client help convert visitors into pre-qualified leads for your law firm.

Our mobile-first landing pages capture lead information seamlessly. And our team works with yours to ensure we capture your look and feel as we convert your new website visitors into potential new clients.

Two-Step Verification Gets to the Heart of Your Business

We use a two-step lead qualification process to weed out ineligible website visitors who would waste your valuable time. We ask the potential new clients a few simple questions on an easy-to-use clickable form on your landing page. Then, we get their contact information and help transform them from a potential to an actual client.

The days of DIY legal advertising are over. If you want to grow your business, expand your reach to new clients, and target a Chicago mass tort litigation audience, you need a professional image and user-friendly interface.

We Can Handle the Budgeting

It might sometimes feel as if you have to spend far too much money on digital advertising to attract new clients. That can happen easily if you do not have an overall marketing strategy. Just as people can spend more on multiple streaming service subscriptions than they did on cable TV, you might be spending some of your marketing dollars on things that are redundant or not productive.

We can help you manage and control your advertising dollars, design a unique marketing strategy for your law practice, create high-quality content and dynamic ads, and help your firm grow.

Call X Social Media, LLC today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

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