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There are over 1.5 billion active daily users on Facebook (as a Second Quarter 2018 Results Conference Call document states). That is a lot of people scrolling through their feeds, providing a fantastic opportunity for your legal practice to engage and educate potential new clients on mass tort drugs and devices. Still, you should know, the competition is fierce.

Working alongside a Chicago mass tort lawyer social media marketing agency can help you to ensure that your leads will be optimized, and your landing pages will turn visitors into clients.

X Social Media, employs certified Facebook experts who know how to get the right clients into your office. We can help to set you apart from other mass tort law groups by highlighting your quality of service using innovative marketing strategies combined with the latest targeting technologies.

If you are ready to discover how we can drive real business impact your way—growing your mass tort legal practice with proven results—contact X Social Media today by calling (888) 670-0006.

Facebook Ad Marketing for Lawyers Is an Innovator’s Game

Delivering an effective social media campaign requires time, expertise, and resources. Additionally, you will also need a great marketing strategy. In the right hands, Facebook ads can be a valuable way to get pre-qualified leads that streamline the process of identifying cases that are more likely to qualify for your services (especially when combined with carefully designed landing pages).

In mass tort litigation, getting the most leads signed up cost-effectively is vitally important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. When a new tort lawsuit emerges, you will want to reach large pools of people very quickly and decrease the time spent chasing unqualified leads.

Many legal practices are lured into buying volume at low cost, resulting in great clients falling through the cracks due to the overwhelming numbers of unproductive leads—and costing you both time and money.

Therefore, the social media agency you choose to work with must understand the criteria that defines a good lead and also understand the legal intricacies involved in bringing a case to court.

Set Your Chicago Law Practice Apart from the Competition

Facebook is ideally placed to help you get your message to the right audience at the right time but requires expert knowledge of which advertising tools and best practices to use to give your media campaign the most impact.

X Social Media knows how to convert data into business intelligence that is pitch-perfect for your legal practice. We will help you leverage Facebook as a significant revenue driver for your law firm, allowing you to:

  • Identify and engage the people who need your services on Facebook
  • Extend your online reach cost-effectively
  • Connect with potential clients, increasing your credibility as a leader in handling mass tort cases
  • Generate more caseload opportunities by remarketing the services visitors view on your website
  • Stay ahead of the competition with innovative marketing strategies

Reach out today and find out why over 300 clients with a monthly ad budget of over $5,000,000 trust us to develop innovative, competitive, and Bar Association-compliant marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.

Call (888) 670-0006 to reach X Social Media to speak with us and hear about how we can help you.

We Create Law Firm Ads to Provide a Positive User Experience

We are living in a world of relevance, where everything is tailored to our needs and interests. Facebook wants to deliver pertinent content to its users, which is why it is particularly suited to mass tort social media campaigns.

On the one hand, there are people actively posting and seeking information about mass torts for their problems. On the other, there are legal firms that can help them. The talent lies with advertising companies combining the two using innovative and skillful strategies.

Creating advertisements that provide value through meaningful interactions is an effective way to engage with your audience, enabling you to:

  • Provide valuable information about emerging mass torts
  • Update your message in real-time in response to new information as the tort case evolves
  • Nurture leads and build meaningful relationships with your audience
  • Become a trusted and knowledgeable source of information about mass tort cases
  • Reach your audience faster than with traditional media
  • Add a strong call to action to your message, such as a statute of limitations expiry date

Your future clients are already on Facebook, and the team at X Social Media can be the digital bridge you need to connect with them.

We Use Our Social Media Marketing Knowledge Where It Counts

Along with a great marketing strategy, you will need to make sure your content and landing pages are compliant with the stringent laws that apply to advertising mass torts. It is essential to work with an advertising company that keeps ahead of the constantly changing standards, regulations, and changes being made at state and federal levels.

A Chicago mass tort lawyer social media marketing agency can save you time when it comes to staying compliant so that you can focus on winning cases.

Take Your Mass Tort Social Media Campaigns to the Next Level

X Social Media, (specializing in mass tort media campaigns), uses the latest targeting technology to find you potential clients via Facebook on a large scale. Our Bar Association-compliant landing pages mean we continuously deliver leads, resulting in high and measurable conversion rates. Additionally, you can expect:

  • Managed advertising spending
  • Dynamic advertising creation
  • Customized and demographically optimized content plans
  • Pixel implementation
  • Engaging Bar Association compliant content
  • Live analytics reporting
  • Custom landing pages that are legally compliant with all relevant regulations

We connect you with the people who most need your help. Chicago mass tort lawyer social media marketing can allow your firm to focus on helping clients. We can handle your content. Contact us today and begin your journey with X Social Media by calling (888) 670-0006.

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