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It seems like every day, another mass tort is filed in response to a defective product or large-scale accident. You may be wondering what you can do to attract potential clients to your firm and help them take part in these types of lawsuits. Paid social media advertising has become an indelible feature of digital advertising, and it is the centerpiece of marketing today.

If you are a lawyer in the Atlanta area seeking an edge in how you market your law firm, you could see a boost in the number of clients with the assistance of our team at X Social Media. We provide a vast array of services that are designed to help you reach clients via social media, expand your client base. Call us today at 888-670-0006 for a no-cost consultation today and to learn more about our Atlanta mass torts advertising.

We Know Torts, We Market Torts

Millions of people log into various social media platforms every day. They see countless advertisements and forget about them within seconds. When you partner with X Social Media, we can revolutionize your social media presence so that your law firm’s advertisements have a lingering impact on those who view them. If you are taking on clients to participate in a mass tort, and you are not efficiently advertising online, then you are virtually invisible.

Whether we are building you a new website from the ground-up or are refining a page you currently operate, we can use our background in digital advertising to get you results. We understand that your law firm may have a specific demographic in mind when gathering claimants to partake in mass torts, including age, consumer type, and other factors.

We will consider several critical elements when crafting a campaign for your Atlanta mass torts advertising, including:

  • The form of tort for which you are acquiring clients, whether it is centered on a defective product, mass contamination, prescription drugs, institutional discrimination or sexual abuse, or another injustice
  • Your law firm’s brand and mission
  • The ideal client that you want to join your mass tort
  • Factors specific to Atlantans that could impact an effective social approach (such as tastes, digital consumption patterns, local attitudes, and more)

You will provide an invaluable perspective, as nobody knows your specific tort better than you and your team do. Together, we can make it so millions of social media users nationwide see your name through a tailored Atlanta mass torts advertising campaign.

You Handle the Law, We Handle the Client Acquisition

You are a lawyer. You understand how the law works and know that mass torts can be a massive undertaking. Yet, all of the time and effort spent into getting clients to work with your firm can be for naught if they simply do not know what you can do for them.

We rely heavily on two of the most popular, marketing-ready social platforms today when targeting customers for your mass tort.

These social channels are:

  • Instagram, which currently has over 100 million active users worldwide
  • Facebook, which, according to Business Insider, is home to over 2.3 billion users worldwide

While these platforms originally started out as a way to connect with friends and family, they are now powerhouses of advertising potential. Those seeking to market anything, including Atlanta mass torts advertising, would be remiss not to take advantage of these densely populated, direct-to-consumer marketing channels.

Call our team at X Social Media, today at (888) 670-0006 to find out more about how we can help you target your potential client base.

Social media is an unrivaled marketing tool in today’s ultra-digital world. Instead of engaging in half-hearted social media strategies, allow us to do the work for you.

The Sooner You Act, the Sooner You Can Reach Clients

There is a problem that countless lawyers face: they know that injustice has been done, and they are ready to help victims through mass tort litigation. There is just one issue: they are not able to reach potential clients through social media channels.

This is where we come in. To have your law firm’s advertisements be seen by social media users nationwide, call X Social Media, at (888) 670-0006.

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