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For lawyers, legal marketing has changed ever since Bates v. Arizona, when the Supreme Court ruled that law firm marketing and advertising was both legal and ethical. In a city the size of Atlanta, there are many people who potentially make up portions of your mass tort lawsuit’s target market. Knowing your target market exists and knowing where they live and work are important parts of your marketing puzzle. Knowing how to reach them effectively is a different story entirely.What mass tort cases does your law firm represent? We can design and build custom landing pages and social media campaigns that reach your preferred Atlanta-based clients and their shared consumer complaints. Ten leading mass tort claims we are running campaigns for right now include:

  • Round Up
  • Hernia Mesh
  • Zantac
  • Talcum Powder
  • IVC Filter
  • Opioids
  • Boy Scouts
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Meso

Even if your current or upcoming mass tort cases do not appear on this list, we can still create the marketing tools you need to capture the attention of your Atlanta-area clients. At X Social Media, we can do that because we simply do not build cookie-cutter marketing campaigns. Instead, we treat every law firm like the exceptional entity that it is. We take the best features of your brand and combine them with a working knowledge of your ideal clients, strategic information about their geographic locations, and our industry expertise to craft ads that get results. Call X Social Media, LLC at (888) 670-0006 to start using Atlanta mass tort lawyer social media marketing to grow your client base.

The X Social Media Mass Tort Marketing Difference

Our primary goal is to market your law firm in its best light and to reach the mass tort clients in Atlanta who need guidance and direction to hold huge corporations financially accountable for their actions. At X Social Media, we use two main marketing areas to help your law practice reach its ideal consumer base:

  • Landing pages
  • Social media marketing

We use these two methods because they are areas where your target market cannot miss your presence. Landing pages live online where consumers spend a great deal of their time, while social media ads reach consumers while they browse leading social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

We can create a marketing campaign for your law firm that helps you recruit plaintiffs for your existing and desired mass tort litigation. We also localize each marketing campaign to reach clients specifically in the Atlanta area. We research the Atlanta metropolitan area and optimize ads that will be seen by local clients, right on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Get your law firm the online recognition it deserves with Atlanta mass tort lawyer social media marketing from X Social Media, LLC. Call us at 888-670-0006 to discuss:

  • Your firm
  • Its goals
  • The mass tort cases it represents
  • The marketing tools you need to achieve those goals

Mass Tort Landing Pages That Create Conversions

Building landing pages for your law firm starts with an in-depth conversation, because we know how important it is for your landing pages to look and feel like your law firm. When we build landing pages, we start the process by collecting information from you, such as:

  • Law firm name and website
  • Campaign specifics
  • Mass tort case types
  • Ideal clients for each campaign
  • Specific geographic targets
  • Specific demographic targets

We use all these variables to create Atlanta mass tort lawyer social media marketing ads, landing pages, and campaigns that lead to sought-after conversions. The landing pages we custom-build for your law firm capture quality leads with distinctive graphics and clickable, captivating call to action buttons.

Your landing page is backed by our industry experience and by years of extensive testing. We use a 2-step lead qualification process that is tailored to each page and helps make sure the leads it generates are optimized for conversions. Finally, because your law firm’s vision is an integral part of your mass tort marketing campaign, we wxrk closely with you during the design process.

Mass Tort Facebook Ads That Produce Dynamic Results

If your law firm does not have an existing Facebook page and is not running dynamic Facebook ads, you could be missing out on a great marketing opportunity for Atlanta mass tort lawyer social media marketing. Facebook gets seen by 214 million men and women every day. That means that the people who make up your target market are on Facebook—so you should have a Facebook presence they cannot miss, that includes dynamic Facebook ads they do not scroll past.

When you make the decision to grow your firm by investing in Facebook advertising, we get to wxrk creating ads that get the attention of the Atlanta area mass tort clients you are looking for. The Facebook ads we create for your law firm:

  • Utilize Facebook advertising tools, such as the Facebook pixel, which allows you to access detailed information about audience interaction with your ads
  • Present your firm with the opportunity to educate potential clients
  • Incorporate customer lists that allow targeting and exclusion, as needed
  • Are built by certified Facebook experts and come with a suite of marketing tools

When you sign up for a new marketing campaign, be sure to ask your dedicated Xpert about our Feedback Loop and its effect on your marketing campaign. Our Xperts provide the same personalized experience to you that you provide to your legal clients. They also work within bar association marketing guidelines to ensure your ads are accurate and acceptable. The main purpose your ads will serve is getting the attention of potential clients and getting clicks that convert.

Reach Atlanta Mass Tort Plaintiffs with Social Media Marketing

Social media offers law firms a targeted method of reaching and acquiring new clients. Leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram, combine it with the measurements of our Feedback Loop, and maximize your potential client’s online experience. When your law firm is ready to grow its reach and scope with Atlanta mass tort lawyer social media marketing, contact the team at X Social Media, LLC by calling (888) 670-0006.

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