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Uber/Lyft Assault

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Live up to date stat reporting for going Uber/Lyft Assault rate (Aug 1 - Aug 31, 2020)

Intoxicated passengers are a common occurrence – these ridesharing services are intended to be a safe alternative to driving after going out with friends. The responsibility for the assault lies in Uber & Lyft for failing to properly vet prospective drivers.

  • Uber and Lyft only require that drivers have a valid driver’s license, vehicle, and automobile insurance.
  • They conduct a basic background check that often does not detect convicted felons or persons who have committed violent crimes.
  • Because they are still largely unregulated, Uber & Lyft aren’t under any legal obligations to conduct official, government-run checks for criminal activity or employment eligibility.
  • Both hire drivers on a contract basis under the guise of disavowing any liability when drivers are involved in incidents and offenses.


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