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Live up to date stat reporting for going Opioids rates (July 1 - July 31, 2020)

The Opioid Crisis has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans. It is an existential threat to the American way of life.

Opioid sellers engaged in conduct that directly caused doctors to prescribe skyrocketing amounts of opioids. Opioid sellers intentionally neglected their obligations to ensure short term, safe use of the highly addictive substance.

As a result, the number of opioid prescriptions increased sharply, reaching nearly 250 million prescriptions in 2013, which was almost enough for every person in the United States to have a bottle of pills. This represents an increase of 300% since 1999.  The carnage resulting from this callous disregard for the safety of Americans is staggering.

The opioid lawsuit alleges that the drug manufacturers turned a blind eye to suspicious orders for years. Instead of investigating enormous shipments to pharmacies and prescriptions from doctors, the opioid manufacturers chased profits and ignored the epidemic. Some lawyers believe the opioid manufacturers created the current epidemic in America.

The drug manufacturers have also been accused of paying kickbacks to doctors who promoted off-label opioid use. Many believe the current opioid epidemic lies at the feet of the drug manufacturers because they pushed opioid medicines through extensive marketing schemes. Untold numbers of Americans have become addicted.

The opioid lawsuit also alleges that drug manufacturers misled the public and doctors about the addictiveness of opioid-based medicines. That means that some doctors may have been making uninformed decisions when prescribing opioids to patients. Some doctors may have unintentionally led their patients down the path of addiction, while the drug manufacturers made billions.

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