Why Your Law Firm Should Get Actively Involved in Sexual Abuse Cases.

Why Your Law Firm Should Get Actively Involved in Sexual Abuse Cases.

April 6, 2021

As more and more states open up a look-back window for minors who where sexually abused, law firms should see this trend as a way to help Survivors that will have a hard time navigating the new laws. For many Survivors, this will help them get closure in their life on something that happened to them many decades ago. Closure is important for Survivors of sexual abuse as it provides a bookend to what happened to them as children. Sexual abuse many times follows the Survivors throughout their lives and changes a lot of things for them as they grow into adults. It’s important to recognize this and realize again, we are here to help real people, a core mission of X Social Media.
The Survivors are both men and women and below I will go though some of the closed and open cases that we know about to give some flavor to this tort for interested law firms.
For all law firms I would recommend this website for tracking new Sexual Abuse Laws in different States.
Human Trafficking:
To get your office familiar with the laws in this area as they have recently changed, please read this NPR article.
Unfortunately, there are many more human trafficking cases out there needing help and not enough law firms going after these cases to help..
Nobody understands this better then Mike Papantonio and he has made Human Trafficking the opening statement in MTMP Virtual Vegas April 13-16. If you haven’t already, you can Get Tickets Here.
Church Abuse Cases:
The Survivors are mostly Men. On this Website you will find historical information on Church Abuse settlements that have been made up through 2011 and most have come from a Bankruptcy: Historical Data on Church Abuse Settlement Link. You can see the bankruptcies on the same site here.
College Abuse Survivors:
Michigan State: $500 Million to Survivors.
Ohio State: $50 Million to Survivors.
Penn State: $109 Million to Survivors.
USC: $1.1 Billion to Survivors.
Individual Sexual Abuse Settlement.
All you have to do is look at these two great law firms that are out there doing the right thing. Great place to ref. cases to if you need a Co-Counsel.
Some law firms are already all over this to help Survivors and your firm should consider getting into this area of the law as well as there are many many survivors out there that need your help.
Who is paying for it ?
Many times it is some form of Insurance that is paying the bill at the end so what are they thinking about all of this and how will they defend these cases in the future? I suggest you take a look at this PDF.
I hope this spotlight on sexual abuse claims around our great nation has given some law firms a wake up call as to what is really going on and as more and more states open up their SOL statues on look-back windows, we will all be able to help more and more Survivors.
-Your Partner in Helping Survivors, Jacob
Human Trafficking: Wall Street’s Involvement
“In 37 years of practice I have never seen cases that cry out as loudly for help from folks with law degrees. It will be an extremely strong business decision for any law firm that wants to do really well by doing good”
-Mike Papantonio
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