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February 26, 2019

At X Social Media we believe continued innovation is the only way we can continue to provide better and better value for our clients, so with that in mind here is what we have been doing for the last 3 months.

New Vertical Scaling of Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Spending $100 a day is a lot different then spend $100,000 a day on Facebook and Instagram advertising. To keep up with the ever growing demand from new clients we have developed the following AI and Machine learning algorithms that is applied to all campaigns running at X Social Media, ensuring our clients get the best quality leads at the lowest prices.
All campaigns run on our platform with a desired average price per lead, let’s say our average price for a campaign is $100 per lead. Our code will look at the last 7 days spend and give every ad that runs a Letter grade, A-F, as to how well its performing. Our System will automatically shut down all E-F grades. It will ask us to lower the amount of spend on C-D ads (depending on the trending) and increase spend (Scale) A-B ads. This process has now been automated by X Social Media. This means that we can scale the good campaigns and shut off the bad ones. We call this Vertical Scaling of your Campaign.
With this in place spending larger budgets on Facebook and Instagram is now possible.

New Horizontal Scaling of Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Now just because you have something great in place does not mean that you should stop innovating so we took it one step further. Since Facebook runs on a Cost per Impression Auction system we have started to run a Horizontal scaling of campaigns as well. Horizontal scaling is when you scale a working campaign within the Average Price per lead so since its an Auction we automatically setup 8 different Bid(Prices) for leads with Facebook and Instagram. If the average price again is $100 we setup 8 different bids starting between $99 and $1 per lead. This does not have as much volume as Vertical scaling but it gives us a fair amount of very cheap leads in between Zero and $99 per lead. This will lower the average lead price over time and again provide our clients with a better yielding campaign.

Feed Back Loop Advertising Based on Conversions

We do have a few clients that have now switched over to Conversion based advertising. This is where we ask for data on the leads that where sent to them (All automatic) and our advertising decisions are based on each ad and how it converts coming to the attorneys intake or outsourced intake.
This is the future of our kind of advertising, where the advertising only works when conversions are taking place on the attorney’s side. Optimizing for cheapest price per lead is just plain stupid and we need to get away from that. We need to optimize our campaigns based on how they convert at the law firm’s intake. This is in process and we will have everybody switch over in the next 6 month.

Helping Victims Is What We Are All About

Our business was started to help victims from the BP Oil Spill and we continue our journey  to help more and more victims in the mass torts area.In February we had our biggest month to date seeing new leads from 24,150 new victims in around 65 different mass torts.  The video below goes into how X Social Media was started and why.

Hernia Mesh Revision Cases Still Going Strong

We are seeing a lot of victims of Hernia Mesh revision surgeries and bad mesh products. Just last month we saw 4,062 potential new victims of Hernia Mesh and there are plenty of more clients on Facebook looking for help. The benefit of finding the people on Facebook is that they normally don’t know they can file a claim for their defective Hernia Mesh. So when you show them an ad that you can help them, they are eager to sign up.
Hernia Mesh Cases

IVC Filter Bard First Settlement In.

We have heard from several attorneys this month that talks are underway with Bard on settling several big dockets of Bard IVC Filters. This has created another strong push to get more IVC filter cases in. We are seeing a very strong demand for IVC filter advertising, and in January we got over 2,500 new IVC leads. There are still plenty of more IVC filters out there with and without injury.
IVC Filter Cases

3M Ear Plugs Cases

We are seeing a healthy increase in spending on 3M Ear Plugs in January and February we have seen close to 20,000 new leads come in from Military personnel hurt by ear plugs reporting hearing loss or tinnitus. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in lead prices on this campaign, much more then we first expected with a pool of 1.5 million Military members potentially suffering from the 3M Ear Plug defects. With a total of 20,000 new leads that has come in to date on the 3M ear plug campaigns we are running our data is now so good that we can run Look A like ads for these campaigns. We are still accepting new clients for 3M Ear Plug campaigns.

3M Ear Plug Cases


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