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June 9, 2020

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Thursday, June 11  | 2:00 PM EST
Mass Tort Bankruptcies: If You Don’t Understand Them, You Are Losing Huge Amounts of Money

A majority of lawyers fail to understand how bankruptcy in a mass tort case works. Because of that they are failing to collect millions of dollars that their clients are clearly entitled to. In addition to that problem, even experienced lawyers don’t understand that they should continue signing up cases for injured consumers even when the defendant company is involved in bankruptcy re-organization. Failure on the part of the lawyer to understand the process of collecting money for injured consumers in a Bankruptcy setting is a remarkable failure both to the lawyer practitioner and to that lawyer’s client. Take time to finally educate yourself about how you may be failing your clients and your business by not understanding Mass Tort Bankruptcy Litigation.

Topics to Include:

  • Mass Tort Bankruptcy: What it is costing you not to understand this process.
  • You must be on the Creditors Committee: We will tell you how to do that.
  • If you don’t understand the strategies behind Mass Tort Bankruptcy, you’re costing your clients and firm huge money.
  • Now more than ever, law firms must pivot towards litigating In Mass Tort Bankruptcy.
  • It is time to develop a business relationship with a seasoned Mass Tort Bankruptcy Firm.
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Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy: Anne Andrew’s & her client named to creditors committee
Anne Andrews, managing lawyer of Andrews & Thornton, is committed to helping people whose rights are thrown into bankruptcy. The firm has successfully led damaged claimants to full and fair compensation in bankruptcy in the past and X Social is currently working with Anne and her firm on the Boy Scout bankruptcy.

The Boy Scouts of America filed bankruptcy in February 2020. The bankruptcy filing was admitted to be the consequence of decades of abusive behavior by adult leaders.

The Benefits of a Chapter 11 Reorganization
The benefits of a Chapter 11 reorganization are many. If you’re engaged in litigation against the company that files under section 362 of the bankruptcy code, the automatic stay is in effect after filing the petition, so it may stop trials and expensive discovery. It also freezes the assets effectively to preserve them for creditors, including tort victims who can be the single largest creditor group in a mass tort against a company. This was the case in the recent PG&E case, where a $13.5 billion plan is pending confirmation for fire victims, as well as many others.The Official Committee
The application process requires documentation of the claim and an interview by the United States trustees’ office. Experienced counsel are often selected to serve based on their success in completing Chapter 11 bankruptcies and understanding the roles necessary to conclude a case with confirmation of a plan. You may want to consider applying for a seat on an official committee for your client. We will be covering this complicated and interesting process in part II of this series.Necessary Preparation in Advance of a Chapter 11 Filing
Andrews & Thornton has the skill set and is available for consulting with firms that have concerns that companies they are either engaged in litigation with or about to engage in litigation may have limited resources to pay their debt and tort claims from insurance and assets. What we suggest is you reach out to us in advance of the filing, as many things can be done to “set the table” for victims of mass tort by engaging with the debtors’ counsel. We have relationships with most of the larger firms who have represented the biggest corporations in mass tort bankruptcies. We are ready to assist those reading this newsletter to consult on how you might organize in order to be successful.The future of mass tort may well rest on the success we can bring within the bankruptcy context. Only the most experienced law firms have navigated these waters as many times as Andrews & Thornton has. Contact us for a consultation if you need us to review the facts and plan a strategy with you.You can reach out to Andrews & Thornton directly or we can make an introduction for you.ANDREWS & THORNTON
4701 Von Karman Ave., Suite 300
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: (949) 748-1000
Email: aa@andrewsthornton.com
Website: www.andrewsthornton.com
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