School Related COVID Cases

School Related COVID Cases

May 28, 2020

Private Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country shut down campuses and in-person tuition but did not give the students a refund for the in-person tuition and other related charges when they moved them all online. We are now running these campaign targeting different schools, colleges and universities across the country. The cases we believe can be run as a class or as individual cases. We have also secured two intake firms that will do all the sign up of these clients based on your criteria.

Our own Director of Digital Media, Daren Swenson spent the last 5 years prior to XSocial finding students for colleges and universities and knows exactly how to engage this group of students. If your firm is interested in signing up some clients please reach out to Daren.

Daren Swenson

(407) 702-1109

Work Related COVID Cases
I think we have all seen in the news about the meat packing plants and the car manufacturing plants and how COVID spreads rapidly in those packed work environments. We are seeing lawyers with specific business targets in mind for work places that are not safe and they are picking up COVID cases from the workers effected. Joshua Jones is a true specialist in Facebook advertising and has success finding specific workers inside bigger companies. Reach out to Josh if these type of cases have your firms’ interest.
Joshua Jones
(321) 947 8351
Nursing Home COVID Cases
One thing is the COVID infections in the Nursing homes but another thing is how well the patients are taken care of while this is going on. We are seeing many nursing homes with small staffs and patients not being cared for during these times. It is very unfortunate but we have to still shine a light on this abuse and help the elderly have a voice. Logan Surratt is our Facebook expert in this area and he will be able to tailor a campaign down to each individual nursing home and the people visiting it for us to reach the family members of the elderly patients. If your firm is interested in Nursing home cases, please reach out to Logan to setup a new campaign. Local and National campaigns are available.
Logan Surratt
(352) 348-6060
Business Interruption COVID Cases
In the wake of COVID-19, business in the U.S. and worldwide have been interrupted with a suddenness and to a degree not previously experienced. It is no surprise then, that the first form of protection that businesses large and small turn to as revenues and profits dramatically diminish or stop altogether, is the section of their insurance policies titled “Business Interruption”. Business owners will instinctively feel that the reductions and stoppages occurring nationwide are precisely the sort of disaster from which they paid to be protected.
The hard part for these cases is not generating the leads for businesses impacted but instead getting the insurance contact to look though to see if the business can file a lawsuit based on the exact language in the contract. Our Managing Director, Lucas Gerler, has setup systems with Opus Intake to get you exactly what you need so you can find out if there is a case there or not. If your firm is interested in these types of cases talk to Lucas about your campaign.
Lucas Gerler
(217) 621-9675
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