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October 2, 2019

New PI Advertising From X Social Media
Here at X Social Media, we are now building out campaigns to run on numerous search engines, as well as native contextual advertising. We are offering you the ability to have access to the billions of daily views that Google engages with.

X Social Media currently has campaigns running for specific cases such as: DUI, Abuse, Domestic, Criminal Defense as well as Motor Vehicle Injuries, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice… and much more! We can also set up custom campaigns based on your needs.

We are offering 50 mile radius exclusive area around your law firm. To hold the exclusive area we are asking for 5k monthly spend in 2019 and $10,000 monthly spend in 2020. You can cancel your exclusive area at anytime for any reason but if you want to keep your exclusive area these are the minimum spends.

At X Social Media we have hired a very seasoned Internet marketing specialist to oversee and run the search and native advertising campaigns. With over 15 years of experience, Jared brings a new approach to getting legal leads. As part of the new division, your campaigns will be tracked and optimized through a proprietary tracking software; allowing us to optimize and target your campaigns down to the specific click from the user.

All leads will come in as phone calls direct to your office as well as leads integrated with your CRM or via email. We can setup the email to become phone calls via our X Connect if needed. To claim your exclusive area please contact or his cell 954-649-8912.

Juul Campaigns

We are starting to run more and more Juul E-cigarettes on both Facebook and Google platform and we are seeing good results so far. We have had some problems with Facebook as they don’t allow E-cigarettes ad but we have largely overcome it with our Facebook reps. help. We are running ads in other places then Facebook as this is a very young audience we are looking for.

Injuries that many law firms are looking for is addiction, Lung injuries, Seizures and Heart Attacks. is heading up our Juul campaigns please contact him for more information on Juul and running a campaign with X Social Media.

Zantac Cancer

New tort coming fast Zantac and Cancers. We have already seen about 5,000 leads on this tort and it looks like 40% qualified cancers and 60% non qualifying cancers. Right now the leads are super cheap so maybe a good high volume tort to get into. We have ref. lawyers already lined up if you want to advertise for these cases and ref. them out.  Reach out to if you are interested in running a Zantac Cancer campaign

Roundup Advertising

Roundup Advertising is still going strong in the month of September with another 6 million in FB spend. We are still taking on new account and running ads for the NHL and T cells and B Cells. We have great data on the Lymphoma cancers and we can still get leads and cases from Facebook.However understanding how late in the game we are and how few there is left of these cases are affecting price per lead and price per case. Contact if you are interested in a Roundup Campaign.

New X Social Academy

We are now offering a quick 12 hour course on how to do Facebook advertising in your own firm. This is 11 per-recorded video’s on everything you need to know to successfully run Facebook and Instagram advertising in your own firm.

This is the full course of How To do everything if you want to run your own Facebook advertising in-house.

Check out the 11 different video’s here.

The 12 course is us looking over your work when you have setup your first ad to make sure everything is in place for success. The X Social Academy is now open for new students that want to learn Facebook advertising.

We are offering the X Social Academy for $999 for access to the 11 hour video course and 1 hour of overview by X Social Media to make sure everything is setup correctly.

X Social Media A Facebook Ad Agency

X Social Media started in 2015, and we are now working with 250 law firms doing direct advertising to consumers via Facebook and Instagram. All advertising we do is by direct response and for every dollar we spend, we generate value by helping people get representation and compensation for whatever has happened to them.

In 2018 we wrote a book on how to use Facebook and Instagram to help generate cases for law firms. The Facebook Effect For Lawyers is now available on Amazon.

We are a full-service advertising agency that will spend $25 million this year in Facebook advertising. We have in-house Developers, Designers and Ad specialists to run your campaign as efficiently as possible and generate as many leads as possible.

We have a big network of friends in the Mass Torts Industry and can help you with introductions to tier 1 attorneys for case referral. We also have information about a lot of new projects that are running with very few firms involved.

We can be your Facebook ad agency so, take the first step and reach out to us via phone 888-670-0006 or email at:
Email: Call us: 888.670.0006  
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