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May 3, 2022

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Spam Emails Are On The Rise!

Make Sure It’s Not Your Vendor
The Problem Explained:
Our Spam filters are increasingly catching spam emails sent out from Mass Tort Vendors that pretend to do advertising to find your law firm cases but are increasingly using Spam emails to do so to be more competitive in the marketplace. When sending spam emails to potential clients they break not only CAN-SPAM rules but they are also playing Russian Roulette with your bar card. These vendors are unethical and it has to stop to protect our industry.
How Will You Know ?
First in advertising both TV, Radio and Digital there is what we call a market price. This means if I run 100k on Social I will know the average price per case from that advertising. Many times TV, Radio has their own market price as well. You can also ask us about the market price or even seen the market price each month on our website where we publish these kind of numbers. If the market price is $1,000 on Social Media to get 3M leads and somebody tells you they are also doing social and they can get them at $500 pay attention. Not saying it’s not possible but I am saying pay attention to what else is going on. Same goes for Radio and TV find the market price and find a trusted vendor.
Questions You Should Ask Your Vendor
1. Where do you advertise for clients? Social Media, TV, Radio. RED FLAG If they use Affiliates to do marketing for them. As you then lose control over the market source, or the ad served to generate the traffic. A website is only a piece of the marketing mix, make sure you can follow the full trail of your marketing dollars.
2. Can you show me a trail of where this client came from? In digital marketing we control we can show an exact trail of what ad the client saw, when they saw it and how the lead came in. In TV, Radio advertising they can show what station ad was shown on and what time the intake was done. If a vendor cannot show the journey on your new client this is a RED FLAG. Do not accept dark spots in your marketing as they show up in your costs of intake, costs of medical records and lost claims when filing.
3. Are you using Affiliates to generate leads? This is the normal loophole that vendors will hide their Spam Email campaigns behind. This way they can blame it on their affiliates if they get busted. RED Flag If they are using Affiliates to generate leads.
4. Can You Please Ask The Following Question to your intake? Where did you first see our advertising? Let the PNC tell you as part of intake.
This will be the vetting process before you select a vendor to advertise for your firm. If you are already with a vendor have them sign a contract with your firm that outlines their responsibility on the case acquisition side to protect your law firm.
The Solution
Protect your law firm at every step of the way when using a vendor to run your ads for you. Make sure that you see and approve the Ad images, text and landing pages. Make sure that you ask the questions we have outlined above. Possibly make up a contract that you have each vendor sign that you are working with to hold them accountable for anything that is going on. Talk to the clients that came in from that vendor to find out how they saw your advertising. It’s your job to double-check as its your bar card that is on the line. It’s our job as vendors to keep the industry clean from any bad apples and try and advocate as much as possible for the correct way to do things.
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