How long does it take to setup a campaign?

Campaign setup times vary. On average, you can expect a one- to four-day turnaround time. This accounts for time spent on keyword research, profile setup, account optimization, and production of design elements and Facebook creative, which are overseen by our designer who works for Fortune 500 clients on social campaigns.

What is required to get started?

We will meet with you to discuss your target mass tort campaigns and establish budget and turnaround time. Your fee is inclusive of an 800 number for your campaign so that we can measure results and perform lead tracking.

How can I contact you directly?

You can email me directly at welcome@xsocialmedia.com or you can call us at 888-670-0006

How many law firms do you do business with?

We currently work with select clients in non-competitive situations in regions throughout the country. Below is a list of clients that we’ve worked with who will provide a referral. XSocialMedia is a certified Facebook advertising agency. Our Facebook advertising revenue is giving us certain advantages with Facebook that smaller agencies or individuals do not have.