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May 19, 2020

As the stranger than fiction 2020 coronavirus plays out around us I want to take a minute to voice my opinion about the current state of our industry.
I have seen so much good being done by law firms and individuals alike, trying to help heal their community. This is wonderful to see how people are stepping up to make a difference, not thinking about themselves but instead their communities. That is what real leaders do.
This is not a time to get ahead this is a time to pull together. This is a time where the strength of our collective efforts will win the day. This is the time where you embrace your fellow competitor in your local market and see what you guys can do together for the greater good. This is the time were you help your competitor if they are struggling. This is a time to start a new chapter – a better chapter – where you form real relationships with your local or national competitors and find out that you guys are stronger together and you can help each other and grow together.
Whereas our real life meeting point was always MTMP two times a year, now it is weekly with MTMP Connect leading the way. We still miss the social aspect however where we see each other and we chat about what is going on but for that part we just have to pick up the phone or setup zoom meetings to see each other.
We will get though this, think about your people, your local community and your national community. Think about where you can make a difference.
Advertising and getting more cases will be there when all this is over but for right now we have to get though this and come out the other side without loosing any of our friends.
Please remember and pray for the 90,000 people and their families we have lost to this virus and take just a minute out of your day to think about them and their family.
If you feel like giving and helping we have
PFAS: The Latest Chemical Killer
This new tort is all about Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), a firefighting suppressant which contains PFAS, a forever chemical like Teflon and C8. AFFF is used when fighting a jet fuel or petroleum-based gas fire and at risk are the US Military personnel which have used this chemical for 60+ years and the Firefighters at airports that are training to and fighting jet fuel fires. And because PFAS is involved, the carcinogens stay in the body and environment for a very long time.
Here is an example of a landing page where you can find qualifying criteria:
The main injuries tied to this foam are signature cancers including; Kidney Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma and Prostate Cancer.
To Lean More about this new litigation give us a call or hear from the experts at MTMP Connect today at 2pm EST.
Zantac Litigation New Criteria
Zantac keeps changing with more and more information coming out from studies being concluded. Right now we suggest all law firms to take all cancer diagnoses with confirmed use of Zantac. Especially we want to turn your attention to this 2008 study and the increased risk of Breast Cancer from use of Zantac. The direct link between Zantac and Breast Cancer maybe a game changer in the Zantac litigation and it may blow this thing wide open with a ton of new claims coming into Zantac.
We have already seen over 50,000 leads in Zantac and this litigation looks to be a big one. We have great ref. partners to ref. to if you are looking to put together a Zantac docket.
Outsourcing Your Intake And Sign Up.
Meet the people at Legal Conversion Center and especially Scott B and Jason. We are fully setup with this professional intake with the X Social Feedback Loop. Meaning you can see your cost per case in real time along with your CPL and other metrics.
LCC has had a dedicated Sexual Abuse Intake team as part of their intake department since 2018.
If you are looking for a new outsourced intake you should considering trying these guys out, you will not be disappointed. LCC does offer flat free pricing as well.
Check out there website:
Or email Scott B for Personal Service:
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