X Social Academy is Live online learning system for your in house Facebook team. The course is setup for one class a week with weekly assignments over 12 weeks. These classes will teach the students all the tips and tricks X Social Media has learned after spending almost 15 Million Dollars on Facebook advertising.

If your team is new to Facebook, no problem at all. We will start from the beginning and go all the way through to a very proficient level where the students can create their own individual action pages on Facebook, Landing pages, targeting to the correct audience and using the Facebook pixel correctly for tracking purposes. See all the 12 courses here

We know there are law firms out there that want Facebook to stay an insider secret, but we feel strongly that this is the great equalizer for the small to mid size law firms. Facebook is a place where you can get wholesale price cases on most mass torts and Personal Injury cases. For the larger law firms with well established Facebook advertising teams there will be lots of new know how for your team as well as our connection with Facebook gives us access to strategies that your firm may not have seen yet.

The classes will be hosted by Andrew Giudici our Marketing Director at X Social Media and former employee of Facebook. Andrew will host the live class every Tuesday and make sure that best practices are followed and assignments are completed from the previous class.

We promise to deliver a lot of insider know how on the best way to target clients on Facebook and proprietary access to X Social Media’s landing pages for your law firms use.

X Social Academy will begin May 1, 2018 and we encourage you to sign up early as classes will most likely fill up fast