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March 22, 2022

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As we are counting down to MTMP April 2022 here are a few things to get ready for if you are going to Las Vegas as a new attendee or as a veteran in the industry.
Here are the Top 3 Things to Focus on at MTMP.
MTMP is for networking. Meet as many people as you can. Don’t forget Business Cards.
There will be parties at the pool, in the Wynn Meeting Room and in the Exhibit Hall. Go meet new Lawyers and Vendors. It only takes one conversation to learn something new and make a new partner for life.
MTMP is for learning about new torts and to understand how current torts are going. Lots of under the radar mass torts will be discussed in the hallways, bars, pool side and you want to get in on one of those that sounds promising. Find good friends that will be your co-counsel on your next project. Our business is all about networking and working towards a common goal- to help the victims. Be approachable and interact with both the lawyers and vendors to get the most out of it.
MTMP is for finding new vendors. You might be a smart lawyer but vendors can help you. Vendors are the lifeblood of your case acquisition, your case workup and your case financing. Find out what is new, who came with the new best thing, who has an inside track on a new case, and what can I use from the different vendors in the Exhibit hall. Don’t miss the exhibit hall or you will be the guy that still thinks the Yellow pages will bring you all the business that you need. Don’t be that guy.
Not signed up Yet for the biggest show in our industry? Well that is a mistake please visit and get signed up and get your tickets to Las Vegas now.
A few more things that you might be interested in….
-We are seeing new torts coming, a lot of them are “private torts” that lawyers keep under the radar as the amount of money in our industry is making the cases more and more expensive to acquire because of competition. Trust me, however, when i say, new torts are coming and it’s some big ones.
-Speaking about money please visit X Social Media at MTMP and hear more about a new loan product now available. We are tired of the 20% hedge fund money and we got something much better to tell you about.
We are seeing a big influx of money in both NEC and CPAP as those litigation matures and the criteria gets wider to find new clients. We are also seeing a resurgence of interest in Talc and Roundup. It’s time to get back in the game!
-Jacob & The XSocial Team
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April 5-7, 2022

Mass Torts Made Perfect is more than just a conference – it’s a place for plaintiff attorneys to connect, network and learn more about the top mass tort and class action lawsuits in the country. To achieve our mission of keeping plaintiff attorneys connected, we host bi-annual conferences in the spring and fall of each year, along with webinars throughout the year that cover essential topics for individuals working in the area of plaintiff mass torts and class actions.

Whether you are an experienced trial attorney looking for the inside scoop on the latest cases or a paralegal looking to learn the basics, MTMP can help you grow your skills and practice.

Be sure to catch us in-person at MTMP, Jacob, Lucas, Paul, and Josh will all be attending. Let us know if you can schedule a sit-down while in town! Our schedules will fill up quickly.
Cracking The Code For PI Advertising On Facebook
For some time, it seemed like no one had “cracked the code” on PI Facebook advertising. This past December, we revealed that one of our friends and close partners, Luke W Russell, the founder of Russell Media, has demonstrated exceptional results in an array of PI campaigns.

For example, one attorney spent $132,000 between Facebook and Russell Media management fees and generated $4,224,783.58 in case results with $1,408,261.19 of that being attorney fees. That’s a 10.7 times return on investment!
The folks at Russell Media have also been running a range of nursing home / elder abuse campaigns, generated substantial six-figure-fee cases there, too, across various markets.
Next thing I know, I get an email from Luke saying that there’s yet another campaign they’ve been rocking and it’s a dog bite campaign. Luke’s case study shows how the law firm went from signing 1-2 cases per month to 4-7 cases per month. Wow!
All of these PI campaigns, Russell Media charges $2,000 per month with most lawyers spending an additional $2,000 to $3,000 per month on ads. So, for five grand a month, you can have Russell Media tapping the power of social in a way that drives real cases to your firm.
We’ll have a webinar ready in the upcoming weeks for those of you who would like an in-depth look at the work Luke and the Russell Media team are doing. However, for those of you who don’t want to wait or risk your DMA being snatched, you can reach out to Luke directly (
Here at X Social Media, we’ve done a lot of collaboration with Luke and the Russell Media team. They’re a top-notch group that we’ve referred many of our own clients to. If you’re at all interested in tapping Facebook for personal injury, you really do want to connect with Luke.
Interested in running an Education-Based Marketing Facebook campaign for personal injury cases?
Contact Luke W Russell | | 317-855-8597
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