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October 13, 2020

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Let X Social send you and a team member to MTMP for FREE!

X Social will issue your firm a credit for up to $1,500 good towards your 2021 campaign fees with XSM.
This offer is good for both current and future clients of XSM. 

Simply sign up for MTMP, send your receipt or your current XSM rep.
Here’s a Glimpse into What’s Happening Tomorrow in X Social’s Chat Room

“Facebook Marketing Secrets to Guarantee Signed Cases”
WEDNESDAY in the XSM Chat Room
Don’t want to wait until MTMP?
Full Service From Lead To Retainer. X Social Media & Partners

At X Social Media we advise our clients not only on the advertising for cases on Facebook but also on what intake/retention center to use for each different tort and what co-counsel might be a good fit on any given project. When you come to us with a new project we setup the whole funnel for you from advertising to signed retainer and your work doesn’t start until you have the signed retainer in your office.
If you want to streamline things after the signed retainer with medical records and even lien resolution we have that covered as well and in most cases also can arrange the financing needed for the work up of the cases.
If you need a partner with boots on the ground that knows all the right trusted vendors you will need for your new project give us a call and we will setup the whole process for you.
September 2020 Average Client Lead Prices
Boy Scouts
Talcum Powder
Meso/Lung Cancer
TVM Revisions
Church Abuse
Hernia Mesh
3M Ear Plugs
Uber/Lift Abuse
Fire Foam
Visit our site to signup for a free consultation!
Becoming A Client Of X Social Media LLC

It’s easy to become a new client!
First you give us a call or write us an email with what campaign you are interested in running.  We can help you with an outsourced call center, ref. attorneys…etc, if you need it. We will then setup the landing page up for your firm ($750) and setup the ads and campaigns to produce leads for your firm. We simply charge 15% of your managed budget to make all the mass tort magic happen and a one time setup fee per campaign of 750 which covers your exclusive landing page and integrations which power our X Social Feedback Loop.
When you get the landing page out for review check that everything is like you want it and we are ready to start your campaign. Normally we see 3 days from order to campaign start.
Don’t see the campaign above you want to run? Don’t worry we are only showing 18 campaigns here in this newsletter we are running about 110 different campaigns right now.
Don’t know us? Don’t worry, we are currently working with 350 plaintiff law firms and we are happy to provide ref. in your area to check us out.
We look forward to hear from your firm and get a campaign going as soon as possible!
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