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January 7, 2020

Hernia Mesh looks to be the tort that will kick off the year the strongest with MDL trials coming up in February 2020 in Ohio. We are seeing a strong demand for revision only cases 2005 to present. Hernia mesh leads are coming in around $120 per lead and our new proprietary software-based feedback loop is telling us that cases are being signed around $800 per case. This would be all manufactures as people don’t know what brand of hernia mesh has been implanted in them. All brands of Hernia mesh with a minimum of one revision surgery is viable.

3M Ear Plugs And IED Cases

The 3M Ear Plug cases with an MDL are still available with not many people running it in January so prices are good right now. We are seeing $70 per lead and probably below $400 per case. It also feels good we can help our service men and women with a case like this where it is clear that 3M carries the responsibility for manufacturing defective ear plugs.
The 2nd Military case we are working is the IED case, where people who where injured by an IED in Iraq or Afghanistan are eligible to file an anti-terrorism lawsuit. This lawsuit are getting settlement money from banks that have been found to have funded international terrorism through the The Anti-Terrorism Litigation Fund. More information about the case can be found here.  We are seeing leads at around $150 and again helping people in the military is always a good thing.

Zantac Litigation With New Studies

Zantac has been going for a while now but new studies came out just last week that may change a lot of things; Article here for the studies. As the new studies show, that storage and heat is what changes the NDMA levels in Zantac. This could change the face of the litigations and we are seeing strong demand for Zantac. The numbers from December for Zantac is a little misleading as we have one larger client who was intaking everything (Cancer and No Cancer). We show then about $50 per lead but Cancer only is around $200 per lead.
There may be a case for children with certain cancers as well – if mom took the drug during their pregnancy.
Landing page for Zantac to understand the Cancers that are taken is here
Zantac numbers from December. Click here

Sexual Abuse Cases

We are still running a lot of Sexual Abuse campaigns for victims of priest abuse, institutional abuse and now the California law have changed it opens up a big state with both Hollywood and Silicon Valley as the most obvious targets for abuse. We are good at finding these victims with both GEO targeting and Interest target. As the campaigns are so different I will give a ball park for lead costs with leads currently coming in between $200-$400 per lead.

Roundup Still Running

WARNING: Unless you have a deal or a ref. attorney with a deal do not run anymore Roundup.
With that warning in place we are seeing Roundup leads at $300-$500 per lead and we are seeing cases being signed between $3,000-$4,000 per case. (this drop in signed case price is due to our implementation of the feedback loop. ASK YOUR REP TODAY ABOUT SETTING YOU UP!)
Most Roundup has been settled by now on the DL and we will see when an announcement comes out.

Out Sourcing Your Intake And Sign Up.

Meet the people at Legal Conversion Center and especially Scott B and Jason that will be on top of your campaigns from the start. We are fully setup with this new intake with the Feed Back Loop so we know who your campaign is running at all time.
Dedicated Sexual Abuse Intake as part of their intake department since 2018.
If you are looking for new outsourced intake try these guys out you will not be disappointed and price is really good as well with flat fee pricing per lead.
Check out there website:
Scott B for Personal Service:

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