Is the Texas Power Grid Failure Shaping Up to Be the Next BP Oil Spill?

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February 18, 2021

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As most of you know that read my newsletter, I got my start in this business 10 years ago during the BP Oil Spill and I now see something similar happening in Texas. However, the more I look into it I would consider this a “California Wildfire Case” more-so than a “BP Oil Spill Case.” Let me explain..
In this situation you have a 100 year winter storm that hits Texas and you have local power companies not able to deal with the demand and supply needs during this period resulting in 3-5 million people without power for 48 hours or longer in 15 degree weather. This will create a lot of commercial claims, property claims and personal injury claims.
I think the local power companies are on the hook, I think Insurance companies not covering damages fully and denying initial claims are on the hook for this power failure.
As Texas is still in a deep freeze the story has not been fully written yet on what happens next but this coming weekend is when temperatures start warming up again and the busted pipes will start flooding homes from Dallas to Saint Antonio.  The property damages will become really bad on both Private properties and Commercial Installations.
Now in the BP Oil Spill and California wildfires the biggest claims where the commercial losses from the event. Similar here Commercial operations with things that need power to not go to waste or to grow will have the largest damages. Think about the chicken farmer who’s new chicks die because the heat that should have kept them alive fails or the grocery store where all the goods freeze because there is no heat. The damages here are substantial when you start thinking about what power/heat loss can do to businesses and private homes.
The second part would be injury and death from the cold hitting elderly people that get hypothermia or worse. Think about the medical devices people use that need power like CPAP Machines, Breathing machines, home dialysis equipment and Oxygen equipment. Again no end to the problems and injuries that could arise from a situation like this.
So here is the plan on what we are going to do to help as many people in Texas as possible with their economical damages or personal injury cases and it will be a lot of people.
Defendants Include:
Local Power Companies
Insurance Companies
Co-Counsel Partners:
Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP
Brent Coon & Associates
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Funnel/Sign Up
OPUS Intake
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Back Office for Case Work Up
As we expects 100,000’s of claims and some offices may need to outsource some of their case development work Case Works is a great option whom we have worked with in the past and recommend.
Again we will make ref. if need to Case Works.
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