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January 28, 2020

I Know A Guy….The way I started in the Mass Tort industry was by providing free traffic via Google organic search to law firms also knows as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Organic search is where you rank your website in Google for certain novelty keywords that drive continuous potential new clients to your website, daily.
A lot of times when the conversation comes to SEO, people you ask about it will say, “Well I know a Guy that can help you with that.” You all know how competitive the Google search market is; and just knowing some guy is not going to cut it anymore.
With that introduction I am going to give you access to the Guy who has been doing SEO for the best ranking law firms out there- His name is Jason Hennessey and he is the guy that firms serious about SEO will hire (if they can). Contact information for Jason is here
I know a lot of people are thinking about SEO for their bread and butter cases like Personal Injury or Workers Comp or whatever generates the most constant cash flow for Mass Torts cases.
But I want you guys to consider thinking about it a little different.
What if you thought about SEO also for the mass torts space? We have between 5-20 new mass torts coming every year where everybody starts at square one and now its a race to who gets to the first spot on Google the fastest. This is now a National Race and not a local one as other keywords you might be looking for typically are based more on local search.The advantage you by starting with a content first and the link building strategy, is that you will outrank the much more seasoned websites and you can now play the search and marketing game with the big boys.
There is no better pleasure than getting new organic traffic from Google and them looking to your firm as an authority in the field of whatever new mass tort that just broke the mainstream news.
This was my strategy that I used to win the race when I first started out and with Jason Hennessey’s help I think many law firms can use the same strategy to get cases for years to come.

Hernia Mesh Revision Cases

As we all know Hernia Mesh settlements will be very similar to Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) cases, so we have a very good idea on the settlement values already. We have trials setting for this spring for the Hernia mesh cases and now is a good time to get some of these into your firm. We are seeing costs of about $700-$900 per signed case via Facebook advertising.
We are seeing a big uptick in Hernia Mesh campaigns right now and with over 75,000 leads already produced by X Social Media – showing us with the data that there are plenty of cases out there. With new options to connect your systems directly to our new software, called the Feedback Loop, now is the time to start or restart your campaigns with X Social and start optimizing automatically based on signed cases.
The New Mass Tort That Has Been Around For 40 Years.
Zantac or Ranitidine first came out in 1981 and by 1987 it was the most prescribed drug in the world for decreasing stomach acid production. Fast forward almost 40 years later and we find out that Zantac should really not be exposed to heat. When exposed to heat the chemical called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, a probable human carcinogen is created.
In the almost 40 years on the market, no warning was ever given on this and we could be talking about a whole lot of people exposed and at risk. In 2016 there where more than 15 million Americans with a prescription to Zantac (not counting the people that got it over the counter.)
The cancers that could be tied to Zantac are:
Bladder Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Small Intestine Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Liver Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Uterine Cancer
Kidney Cancer

We have been finding clients for this tort for the last 4 month and we have setup attorneys if you are interested in ref. the cases out. We are seeing case cost $800-$1,000 per case. You can see our statistics on this tort here

This is one that will go on for some time, and those that start earlier, will stand a better chance of leveraging our Feedback loop to keep their costs down over the long term.

Feed Back Loop Integrations

The new X Social Media Feedback Loop is one of the most important developments we have done for our clients.
The Feedback Loop allows our clients to optimize towards a cost per case and NOT a cost per lead or cost per impression. When you decide to use a vendor and you want to use X Social Media as your media source, make sure that your vendor is fully-integrated with the X Social Media Feedback Loop.
Here are the companies that are now fully-integrated with the Feedback Loop:
FileVine (CRM) Intake and Case Management
Captorra  (CRM) Intake software
Smart Advocate Case Management Software
DMAA -Call Center Intake
Legal Conversion Center – Call Center Intake
Alert Communication– Call Center Intake
Leaddocket – Coming Soon!
Make sure that you are setup with the X Social Media Feedback Loop before starting a campaign with us, or use one of these fine vendors above and just let your XSM rep know when launching your next campaign that you want in on the loop!
Want to see your company on the list? Let us know by email Lucas at

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In 2018 we wrote a book on how to use Facebook and Instagram to help generate cases for law firms. The Facebook Effect For Lawyers which is now available on Amazon.


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We have a trusted network of friends in the Mass Torts Industry and can help you with introductions to Tier 1 attorneys for case referrals. We also have the latest information about a lot of new projects that are running with very few firms involved.


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