Firefighting Foam Cancer Case

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March 3, 2020

This new tort is all about Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), a firefighting suppressant which contains PFAS, a forever chemical like Teflon and C8. AFFF is used when fighting a jet fuel or petroleum-based gas fire and at risk are the US Military personnel which have used this chemical for 60+ years and the Firefighters at airports that are training to and fighting jet fuel fires. And because PFAS is involved, the carcinogens stay in the body and environment for a very long time.
Here is an example of a landing page where you can find qualifying criteria:
The main injuries tied to this foam are signature cancers including; Kidney Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma and Prostate Cancer.
This tort is so new that we don’t have any metrics to share on it yet, but we are starting up new campaigns daily and the audiences we have built for this should produce good results in high numbers.
For my readers that will be joining us at MTMP in April, there will be a whole section on this tort.
We are currently seeing leads coming in around $150 with a qualifying cancer answered on the form.
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Boy Scouts Of America Bankruptcy
As many of you may know by now, the Boy Scouts of America filed bankruptcy last month over the mounting financial toll racking up from ongoing sexual abuse claims being filed against them. This sex-abuse-fueled bankruptcy will be big as state laws have recently changed in both New York and California; where abuse victims going back as far as 50-60 years can come forward and file claims for sexual abuse which occurred decades ago.
It may come as no big surprise to some then that there was an alarming amount of sexual abuse occurrences within the Boy Scouts of America and that is now coming back to haunt them tenfold.
There is also another connection with the Boy Scouts cases that you should be aware of – and that is their 100-year relationship with the Mormon Church where you might find a solvent creditor for some of the cases. In their 2018 financial statements, the Boy Scouts of American disclosed they had about 1.5 billion in assets. This is just the national organization and local chapters might have other assets to go after.
These cases can be found on Facebook the same way we find other sexual abuse cases and we think it might represent a good opportunity for plaintiff lawyers that they are now in bankruptcy.
We are currently seeing lead prices around $150-$250 on these claims. We have a great ref. law firm on the bankruptcy committee to introduce you guys to.
Special Breakout at MTMP coming for Bankruptcy Claims Stay tuned.
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New Intake Center Comes Online
As we started seeing some of the best intakes currently in the industry reaching capacity with Facebook leads, we went out to look for a long-term solution for our clients. We ended up finding the solution by training a whole new intake company with room to grow (4,000 reps).
The training was done by the Opus Group that is known for their intake training classes. We are now ready to introduce new clients to Opus Intake that has been fully built from the ground up with an integration to the Feedback Loop from X Social Media. The new intake has been tested over the last weeks by us personally so we know this will be a good thing for all our clients.
As your normal intake is specific to the legal industry we went outside the industry to the biggest intake in the country and have started training their personnel to do mass torts intake so we have a solid backbone with lots of room to grow.
The Opus Intake solution is $35 per lead sent there and they are fully integrated with X Social Media’s Feedback Loop.
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The New Mass Tort That Has Been Around For 40 Years.
Zantac or Ranitidine first came out in 1981 and by 1987 it was the most prescribed drug in the world for decreasing stomach acid production. Fast forward almost 40 years later and we find out that Zantac should really not be exposed to heat. When exposed to heat in the body, the chemical called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, a probable human carcinogen is created.
In the almost 40 years on the market, no warning was ever given on this and we could be talking about a whole lot of people exposed and at risk. In 2016 there where more than 15 million Americans with a prescription to Zantac (not counting the people that got it over the counter.)
The cancers that could be tied to Zantac are: Bladder Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Small Intestine Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Kidney Cancer

We have been finding clients for this tort for the last 4 months and we have setup attorneys if you are interested in ref. the cases out. We are seeing case costs currently running backing into $800-$1,000 per case. You can see our statistics on this tort here

This is one that will go on for some time, and those that start earlier, will stand a better chance to keep their costs down over the long term. Ask your dedicated rep today about getting your campaigns setup on the Feedback Loop!
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