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Dynamic Re-engagement and Retention Solutions RoundUp Leads - X Social Media LLC

August 25, 2020

OPUS Intake & Partners (LCC and XSM)
Announce New ‘Dynamic Re-engagement’ Program
Boasting Conversion of XSM leads by nearly 20%
The Problem:  The “High Hanging” Fruit

From the beginning there have always been a small percentage of potential clients (leads) that could not be signed – the elusive ones – the ones that got away.

We ALL know them – the tire-kickers, the skeptics, the hard-to-reach leads.

Often referred to as the “high-hanging fruit”, these leads tend to conduct more due-diligence, take more time to move forward, and require more “trust” to commit.
But whatever the reason, they simply do not respond to traditional intake efforts.
And even though many of these are the higher-value claims, they simply slip through the larger call-center machines.
What Is Dynamic Re-engagement?

OPUS Intake, along with X Social Media and LCC have developed a remarkable method to re-engage, and thus capture, this unreached and elusive set of leads.

Utilizing OPUS’s innovative intake-automation technology and enhancing it with LCC Intake’s best-practices’ – this powerful “one-two punch” approach works on your “existing” XSM leads.

Again, re-engagement works on the leads that have already gone through the pipeline of your current intake team.

The unreached leads, all the “outstanding contracts”, and those still on the fence, Dynamic Re-engagement gets this high-hanging fruit – reaching them, engaging them, and getting them signed.

With Dynamic Re-engagement, your ‘conversion’ is finally maximized, and your ROI improves significantly.

Jacob Malherbe on ‘How It Works”

“From the onset, the results exceeded everyone’s expectations over here. OPUS was able to consistently generate 10-15% more cases from the difficult leads, including unreached leads, contracts out, and even bad email addresses on virtually every campaign they would run.

And THAT’S what really attracted my attention.

OPUS had developed this new system that automated all three phases of intake (communications, questionnaires, and contracts), and then combined it with their top agents to create something greater than the sum of its parts. It jump-started all the leftover leads, and they were signing a high percentage of whatever went through their system.

I suggested they add a ‘dynamic response’ like we use on our Facebook campaigns, that could be tailored to each lead. OPUS did. And it amped-up conversion of discarded leads into signed claimants even more.

Making It Practical

“And when we started working with the awesome folks at LCC, I knew we really had something”, said Jay Jackson, OPUS founder and creator of the solution. “Working under their banner, we can now deliver a practical and affordable program for everyone.”

Jacob agree’s, “And by being fully integrated into XSM’s lead-generation systems – you can sign all the hard-to-get leads from your XSM Facebook campaigns – and at a price point that you simply can’t afford not to do this.”

LCC and OPUS have been beta-testing this approach for over 6 months on a variety of mass torts and the new mass tort bankruptcies. “Dynamic Re-engagement and Retention” is now ready-for-primetime with Round-Up as the first mainstream campaign. Now with several truly effective systems for getting more signed, you can immediately get more mass tort intake cases out of every campaign and your intake will never be the same.

Re-Engagement Testimonials:

“Really something extraordinary. There is lot of opportunity here for OPUS’s specialized approach when applied properly. And when combined with LCC’s outstanding intake services, it’s a great one-two punch to signing every possible lead.”

– Joel Nash – Opioid Campaign – 206 leads engaged, 37 signed (17.9%)

“1350 extra claims, zero extra lead costs, and all in a matter of a few weeks. Can’t wait to see what we can do with our Round-Up and Hernia Mesh leads”

– Darren Miller – D. Miller and Associates and DMA Advocates

I thought there might be some more meat on those bones – and there was. You just turned over 25% of my “throw-away” leads into cases – and some of them are great! Thanks OPUS.

– Greg Jones – 108 “post-intake” leads moved to OPUS, 28 signed (25.9%)

For more information, contact OPUS Intake CEO Jay Jackson: jay@opusintake.com or X Social Media Managing Director, Lucas Gerler: lucas@xsocialmedia.com
Full Service From Lead To Retainer. X Social Media & Partners

At X Social Media we advise our clients not only on the advertising for cases on Facebook but also on what intake/retention center to use for each different tort and what co-counsel might be a good fit on any given project. When you come to us with a new project we setup the whole funnel for you from advertising to signed retainer and your work doesn’t start until you have the signed retainer in your office.
If you want to streamline things after the signed retainer with medical records and even lien resolution we have that covered as well and in most cases also can arrange the financing needed for the work up of the cases.
If you need a partner with boots on the ground that knows all the right trusted vendors you will need for your new project give us a call and we will setup the whole process for you.
Please review average lead prices on our website. Xsocialmedia.com

Email: jacob@xsocialmedia.com     Call us: 888.670.0006
June 2020 Average Lead Prices From Facebook Advertising
Boy Scouts
Talcum Powder
Meso/Lung Cancer
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Church Abuse
Hernia Mesh
3M Ear Plugs
Uber/Lift Abuse
Fire Foam
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Becoming A Client Of X Social Media LLC

It’s easy to become a new client!
First you give us a call or write us an email with what campaign you are interested in running.  We can help you with an outsourced call center, ref. attorneys…etc, if you need it. We will then setup the landing page up for your firm ($750) and setup the ads and campaigns to produce leads for your firm. We charge Facebook advertising costs +15% as our management fee and a one-time fee per campaign of $750 to make the 3-page landing page for you.
When you get the landing page out for review check that everything is like you want it and we are ready to start your campaign. Normally we see 3 days from order to campaign start.
Don’t see the campaign above you want to run? Don’t worry we are only showing a handful of the current campaigns here, we are running about 110 different campaigns right now and we are always up for a new challenge!
Worried that you Don’t know us yet? Don’t worry! We are currently working with over 350 plaintiff law firms and we are happy to provide ref. in your area to check us out!
We look forward to hear from your firm and get a campaign going as soon as possible.
-Jacob and the X Team
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