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March 17, 2020

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When we first took notice of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan in early January we were shocked at the rapid community spread throughout China. But as the situation worsened it became obvious that it was only a matter of time before the virus would spread across borders into other countries and eventually cross our shores.

We were met with disbelief for weeks when trying to discus the possibility of a pandemic with our clients and partners. But as we are all now fully aware – the pandemic is upon us; and we each need to do what is in our power to steer the current situation and the future for both the health of those around us and our own financial futures.


Yesterday it was announced that MTMP in April has been cancelled, which means further disruption to the Mass Torts industry.

During this time, it is important to not forget about the small businesses in the Mass Tort industry. Utilizing the services of small businesses will mean less disruption for them as well as keep them in business.

Having predicted the coronavirus’s spread, we sent all X Social Media employees home to work remotely on February 25rd and we would strongly encourage any fellow business owners to do the same (if and when possible).

As Americans will be online more now than ever before, we predict there will be a higher volume of leads than usual and more overall use of digital platforms.  We also expect there to be interruptions in service from companies having to close shop, stores closing and businesses learning to work remotely.


In anticipation of these events, we are preparing our ecosystem for continued success and we’ve reached out to our call center partners and are working to help maintain the health of their employees.
As always, your success and ours are one-in-the same and we always strive to keep all of our interests in mind.
Coronavirus Action Items To Share
Since many attorneys in the industry have connections to politicians and people in places of power, I have compiled a list of suggestions for you to share and do please feel free to add your own ideas and pass this on to anyone that can make a real difference.

A List of Recommendations for the U.S. Government on Coronavirus

1) Immediately close all borders and cancel all international flights

2) Declare a national 5-week quarantine and lock down for all Americans except essential workers (healthcare, essential manufacturing, utilities, sanitation, emergency services, food production, etc.)

3) Utilize FEMA to provide emergency housing for all homeless

4) Provide a $5,000 emergency grant for all U.S. households

5) Allow public and private enterprise to suspend payroll for all furloughed workers during the quarantine period

6) Provide deferment on all debt payments, public and private, for a period of 60 days

7) Place all U.S. stock markets on a 4-week holiday

8) Rapidly deploy drive-thru testing locations across the U.S., prioritizing locations showing the greatest amount of community spread

9) Rapidly develop and distribute self-tests by mail with the idea of providing testing for every U.S. household

10) Develop a system of real-time monitoring, reporting a mapping of active cases. This could be done via a phone app and/or website.

11) Provide massive support for the U.S. healthcare system, including establishment of volunteer corps and commandeering commercial space nearby U.S. hospitals, if needed

12) Develop post-quarantine system of monitoring, rapid identification and containment

13) Develop and distribute a vaccine and/or effective course of treatment

We’re all in this together and we are looking forward to both business and life going back to normal in the coming months. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t spread the virus or bad info!

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