Business Interruption Claims Through Facebook Your Best Bet

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April 22, 2020

Business Interruption Claims
As the virus has shut down most businesses lawyers are now looking to help struggling businesses with their insurance claims for business interruption.

Well look no further than Facebook if you want to contact business owners today as that is a target on Facebook. We have been running these claims for the last month and we have an audience of 7.4 Million business owners on Facebook setup and we are seeing leads coming in below $10 right now.

Sample Landing page:

We are ready to take on new clients for Business Interruption Claims and can even help with automation to make the process as streamlined as possible with the high volume of leads you should expect from this campaign.

Contact us if your want to start a local campaign at

Introducing SIGN.LAW
Sign.Law New Automation From XSM

We are now ready to show you all a little side projects we have been working on in our Development department. The reason we need our own e-signature product is so we can move leads directly to signature on a contract that is already filled out from the lead form.

This project was headed up by our lead developer Eric and it is now ready for deployment to intake centers and law firms around the country. We can do all kinds of cool stuff with this and since it is our own product we can customize it as needed to our clients’ needs.

Questions and more information please email

Becoming A Client Of X Social Media LLC

It’s easy to become a new client!

First you give us a call or write us an email with what campaign you are interested in running.  We can help you with an outsourced call center, ref. attorneys…etc, if you need it. We will then setup the landing page up for your firm ($750) and setup the ads and campaigns to produce leads for your firm. We charge Facebook advertising costs +15% as our management fee and a one-time fee per campaign of $750 to make the 3-page landing page for you.

When you get the landing page out for review check that everything is like you want it and we are ready to start your campaign. Normally we see 3 days from order to campaign start.

Don’t see the campaign above you want to run? Don’t worry we are running about 110 different campaigns right now.

Don’t know us? Don’t worry, we are currently working with 350 plaintiff law firms and we are happy to provide ref. in your area to check us out.

We look forward to hear from your firm and get a campaign going as soon as possible.

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