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December 8, 2020

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Don’t miss this upcoming webinar on the BSA Bankruptcy.

Join Anne Andrews, Adam Slater, Adam Krause, Joe Rice and David Molton

this Wednesday December 9th @2pm EST.
Happy Holidays from our X Social Media family to yours! Don’t miss out on this unlimited special! Good through the end of the year only! 
October Prices on Facebook (November Numbers Coming Soon)
Full Service From Lead To Retainer. X Social Media & Partners

At X Social Media, we advise our clients on advertising legal cases on Facebook and using an intake/retention center suitable for your particular needs. This combination of services creates a nearly white glove service to grow your case and practice.
When you come to us with a new project, we set up the whole funnel for you from advertising to the signed retainer, and your work doesn’t start until you have the signed retainer in your office.

If you want to streamline things after the signed retainer with medical records and even lien resolution, we have that covered. In most cases, we can also arrange the financing needed for the workup of the patients. We even know what co-counsel might be a good fit for any given project.

Our history of quality service and our vast alliance of industry partners means that you can trust X Social Media to grow your business with quality retainers from our menu of existing campaigns or your custom project. We will take care of everything to deliver signed retainers from qualified claimants to your office.

Contact us today to discover what we can do for your firm and have done for many others.

Please review average lead prices on our website.

Email:     Call us: 888.670.0006
Visit our site to signup for a free consultation!
Becoming A Client Of X Social Media LLC

Getting started is easy and more affordable than you may think. Some folks even say it’s fun.

All we need to know is what sort of campaign you want to start, and then we’ll take care of everything. You’ll get a custom 3-page web property, ads, and ongoing tuning to maximize your ROI.

We’ll help you find a professional and compliance-minded team to take and make the calls to get the retainers signed. We’ll help you find a safe, HIPAA compliant company to procure and manage medical records. We’ll even help you find a co-council when the time is right to grow or ask for help. And after that, we’ll still be here to help you when you have a question about your account, new cases to get into, or the industry in general.

All we charge are Facebook advertising costs +15% as our management fee, and a one-time fee per campaign of $750 to make a 3-page custom web property, set up your ads, and begin producing inquiries.

We usually see three days from order to campaign start, and the best part is that all you’ll have to do is approve the language and design of the page and ads.

Remember – we do custom advertising.

The case list in this email is NOT our entire menu of options, just the most popular.
We look forward to hearing from your firm and assisting you with your client acquisition needs.
If you are new to X Social Media, we’re glad you found us. We are currently working with 350 plaintiff law firms, and we are happy to provide references in your area to check us out.
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