Bottom Feeding Class Action Lawyers Comes To Monsanto’s Defense In Roundup Case

Bottom Feeding Class Action Lawyers Comes To Monsanto's Defense In Roundup Case

July 4, 2020

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There is no limitation on disgusting and ugly where it comes to corporate conduct and the lawyers who support that conduct.

Vulturine Lawyers representing the interests of Monsanto and Bayer Corporation, last week, filed what can only be described as a CANCER PATIENT VICTIMIZATION  class action.

The intent of the pathetic effort is clear. It is designed to remove the possibility of ROUNDUP victims suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to ever have the possibility of recovering for their suffering in the future.

What these character and decency lite class-action lawyers hope to achieve is to be paid $150 million of dollars in exchange for furthering the suffering of ROUNDUP victims throughout America. It is perhaps one of the ugliest money grabs by this small group of class-action predators that we have seen since the AMCHEM litigation in 1997.

MTMP CONNECT will be presenting a webinar program this month to give you more information about the individuals promoting this effort and more importantly how this disturbing attack on ROUNDUP CANCER VICTIMS also has potential to affect ALL MASS TORT CASES in the future.

You will be receiving an update about the pending webinar soon.

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