What Are Legal Ads?


June 25, 2020

Legal ads are advertisements that help legal firms generate leads for new clients. They educate potential new clients about the existence of mass tort cases and guide them to a firm’s web pages. More of these ads are found on social media these days, like on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are a law firm who wants to grow your client base, X Social Media, can help by designing social media ads based on your individual needs and company goals. Ads on social media reach are extremely effective and reach an ever-growing number of people. In fact, according to Investopedia, about 214 million Americans are on Facebook alone—about 81% of the population.

Many who have problems with products and devices are unaware of the possibility of recovering damages through a mass tort lawsuit. An ad from your firm may educate them. It makes sense to be at the forefront by utilizing ads designed to catch their attention.

How Legal Ads Secure New Leads

Internet growth has been explosive in recent years, and with it comes an accompanying growth in internet advertising. For legal firms, advertising on web sites has replaced advertising in the phone book. Instead of competing for customers through print ads, the focus is now on search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to have your website highly ranked on search engines for certain keywords so that potential new clients access your website.

Legal ads on social media utilize the most popular sites—such as Facebook and Instagram—to drive potential customers to your website. Some law firms might not have yet discovered the benefit of social media legal ads.

Many social media users are potential clients who do not even realize that they can be legally compensated for damages they have received from a defective medication, product, or device. Their injuries and pain and suffering may merit compensation through a mass tort lawsuit. The goal of legal ads is to catch the attention of these potential clients by:

  • Using eye-catching and relatable imagery that makes potential clients realize that there are others who suffered similar accidents as them who have collected (or are mobilizing to collect) compensation through a lawsuit
  • Including an effective questionnaire to screen potential clients and direct those who may qualify to your law firm’s landing page

Social media legal ads are also quicker and easier to set up than ads on TV or radio, which can take days or weeks to prepare and run.

How X Social Media, Helps Law Firms

X Social Media, is an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads for law firms. We start by assessing each law firm’s needs and areas of specialization. This information is then used to design social media ads that include:

  • Your firm’s branding
  • Dramatic images intended to attract attention from users
  • A short, easy to answer questionnaire that can guide users to your intake

Once you have identified your focus topic, we design each page specific to your needs and the clients you wish to attract. Your ad should promote your specific practice areas and also use specific clients and their cases as examples, if possible. We may help you create a short video to attract more attention on social media than if we just use static images and text.

We offer service nationwide, with focus on the following practice areas:

  • Mass torts advertising
  • Lawyer marketing
  • Mass torts leads
  • Mass tort marketing
  • Mass tort generation
  • Law firm legal marketing

We can help your practice generate leads for other types of cases as well.

Developing Your Firm’s Landing Page

To create customized pages, you will work hand in hand with our designers so that we fully understand your vision and needs. When you hire us, you will be given a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to assist you and answer all of your questions.

We will set up a Facebook page for you if you do not already have one. We provide live tracking reports so you can see what traffic you are generating. We can provide input on any trends that we notice.

We can gear your pages to your specific firm’s needs by considering factors such as cost and client target. We can tailor a program based on your current budget and adjust it as your needs change and you can select the audience you hope to reach by:

  • Area and location
  • Financial bracket
  • Education level
  • Age and gender
  • Language and ethnic background
  • Types of legal need

We are ready to hear how we can shape your legal social media ad campaign today,

Get Help Attracting Clients Today

Potential clients are waiting for you on social media, so do not miss out. Contact our X Social Team now to find out how we can help grow your law firm’s client base. Call an XPert at (888) 670-0006 to learn more today.

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