How Do I Promote My Law Firm?


June 26, 2020

There are many ways in which you can promote your law firm, such as advertising on television or on the internet. However, by using online ads—such as on Facebook and Instagram—your law firm may be able to lower your cost per acquisition compared to running conventional television ads.

Once your law firm has a website built, you are ready to begin promoting with content creation. Content such as blogs, landing pages, videos, and other media can promote your firm across the web—to grow your firm’s reach. When looking to promote your law firm to a specific region or group of people, Facebook can be used to send your custom ads to those users’ timelines.

Law Firm Marketing with Facebook Ads

Business Insider

reports that Facebook has amassed 2.3 billion users worldwide. According to Facebook, 1.6 billion of those users are connected to a business on the platform. With so many potential clients available through your law firm’s exposure on Facebook, it presents an opportunity to educate those users about your law firm’s practice areas or mass torts.

By engaging with potential clients on Facebook and Instagram, you will begin to grow your business. Facebook helps law firms grow by allowing ads to be targeted based on:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Contact information

With so many users across the planet, your law firm will be able to expand your reach to new potential clients in your service area. This can be utilized to your law firm’s advantage, especially when looking to advertise a mass tort campaign.

For instance, your law firm can use Facebook ads to create a custom advertisement that is targeted to match the interests of people who may be affected by a mass tort. This could potentially include a drug, pharmaceutical product, product liability case, etc. By doing so, your law firm can potentially generate more qualified leads with higher conversion rates.

You can also promote your law firm by advertising rich content on Facebook. When using relatable imagery with authentic messages about your law firm, Facebook can become a storytelling medium for your business. These ads can also be used to guide your potential clients to custom landing pages.

Custom Landing Pages for Law Firms

Another way to promote your law firm is to incorporate custom landing pages via social media or from your website itself. Custom landing pages can be designed to meet a client’s specific needs using related questionnaires, branding, dramatic images, and more.

A custom landing page is the site that your potential client lands on after clicking on your advertisement. From here, your law firm can filter out leads with a qualification process built into your landing pages. Some landing pages can include questionnaires that relate to a specific practice area or a mass tort campaign. After answering several questions, the potential client can provide you with their contact information.

Custom landing pages are a tool used to promote your law firm that can potentially convert page visitors into clients. These pages also present an opportunity for your law firm to show its vision with custom graphics, messages, or any other content that you would like featured.

Build Your Website with Quality Content

An effective way to promote your law firm is by utilizing your own website as well. You can do this by publishing content, which potential clients can refer to for knowledge while viewing your law firm as the expert. For every practice area your law firm offers, your website can include:

  • Web page content
  • Blogs addressing specific practice areas
  • How-to articles
  • Legal news articles

These blogs, articles, and web pages can all include specific calls to action to further promote your law firm. Each call to action can be either a link on the web page or written copy within the content.

Your law firm may also consider search engine optimization (SEO) when building your website. Your SEO refers to your website’s search ranking on major search engines like Google. To improve your SEO, begin by creating a new and effective website design. You may also be able to grow your website’s organic search traffic by including popular keywords within your blogs and other web content.

Grow Your Law Firm with Facebook Ads

If your law firm is ready to start identifying more qualified leads with Facebook, X Social Media can help. Our team of ad specialists will help you take your vision to social media, with active Facebook posts and custom landing pages that reach potential new clients at scale.

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