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Round Up Cancer Victims Found On Facebook

Posted on: July 10th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments

Getting a few facts out of the way: Round Up is a broad-spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide originally produced by Monsanto and later sold to Bayer in 2018. The marketing for round up started in 1973. In recent years multiple countries have banned the use of Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up. To date, 13 countries have banned or are fading out Glyphosate. The biggest countries being Germany, France and the Netherlands. Also, California has Glyphosate listed as a “probable carcinogen”. The EPA started a study of Glyphosate in 2009, and in April of this year concluded that Glyphosate does not cause any risk to humans.

So, on one side we are seeing big countries banning the product and on the other we are seeing the EPA saying, “No Risk to Humans”.

On the verdict side, we have seen a great deal of very favorable verdicts for plaintiffs against Bayer for their Round Up product. In each of these cases, the attorneys have been able to convince a jury that Monsanto and Bayer knew about the cancer connection. As a result, very high punitive damages have been awarded.

For the claimants it’s probably a good thing that Bayer purchased Monsanto since Bayer is a European company and carries insurance to cover their losses in these trials and in future settlements.

In May 2019, Ken Feinberg got appointed by the judge to mediate talks between Bayer and plaintiff attorneys in order to mediate a settlement for the victims of Round Up Cancer.

Round UP Cancer Victims Help

Injuries From Round Up.

The signature injury is Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but lots of other Lymphomas are being taken by most intakes. As you can see from the landing page for Round Up, we ask people to give us which Lymphoma Cancer they were diagnosed with. Round Up Landing Page.

We are running a lot of Round Up campaigns at X Social Media, so we have a lot of data available to look at the different injuries and see what converts best. You can find our spend and cost per lead on this link for Round Up. Click Here

Run A Round Up Campaign on Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to find Round Up Claims. We are using the Facebook “look-a-like” audience to find similar people with similar injuries. This works really well, and we are seeing 300-400 new leads every day. This should be expected as there are 200,000 new cases of Lymphoma diagnosed every year. We try our best to find work related cases, but they are much harder to find. From the last 5,000 leads we have received; we are seeing 72% home use and 28% work use.

To setup a new campaign with X Social Media, we will first build a landing page for your law firm at a cost of  $750. We then charge your firm a spend fee of Facebook cost +15%. We recommend a minimum budget of $50,000 per 30 days of advertising. We are spending close to $1.5 million in July on Round Up Claims so there are lot of cases out there to be signed.

Out Sourcing For Qualified Cases

If your firm wants to outsource the whole process and get signed cases that fits your criteria, just let us know and we will personally recommend you to the best in the business. Just send me an email. Same goes for outsourcing quality intake services. We can again recommend the best players in the industry that we are already integrated with, so startup and retention will be easy.

Just let me know and I will set you up with intake and case acquisition. You can email me at jacob

X Social Media A Facebook Ad Agency

X Social Media started in 2015, and we are now working with 250 law firms doing direct advertising to consumers via Facebook and Instagram. All advertising we do is by direct response and for every dollar we spend, we generate value by helping people get representation and compensation for whatever has happened to them.

In 2018 we wrote a book on how to use Facebook and Instagram to help generate cases for law firms. The Facebook Effect For Lawyers is now available on Amazon.

We are a full-service advertising agency that will spend $25 million this year in Facebook advertising. We have in-house Developers, Designers and Ad specialists to run your campaign as efficiently as possible and generate as many leads as possible.

We have a big network of friends in the Mass Torts Industry and can help you with introductions to tier 1 attorneys for case referral. We also have information about a lot of new projects that are running with very few firms involved.

We can be your Facebook ad agency so, take the first step and reach out to us via phone 888-670-0006 or email at: jacob

2018 Legal Service Innovation Award X Social Media

Posted on: June 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments
After only 4 years in business we were honored at this years MTMP with the 2018 Legal Services Innovation award! This award was given to us for our work on making Facebook a medium where Law firms can find new cases for their practice. Our 2018 book, “The Facebook Effect For Lawyers” was also highlighted for being a great tool for law firms to understand the inner workings of Facebook and how they can use Facebook for their own marketing purposes.
We are very humbled and thankful for your support. We will continue our efforts to innovate the industry making our product better than ever!

New Innovations At MTMP

We want to highlight a few innovations that we presented for the first time at this MTMP for those that were not able to see us so they can understand the magnitude of the changes coming to the industry.

Disqualifying Potential Clients On The Landing Page.

After testing our landing page design and setup for months, we believe we have the best converting landing pages in the industry. Potential future clients are able to discover if they qualify, based on the criteria for a given Mass Tort, before they are asked to provide any personal information. This method build trust between the potential client and the law firm.
The landing pages are designed to qualify or disqualify potential new clients based on their answers to a few simple questions about their case. Any question can have multiple disqualifying answers. This allows the law firm to narrow the leads down help ensure the leads are very qualified before they come to your intake.

The Feedback Loop by X Social Media

We introduced the Feedback Loop for the first time at this MTMP. We have been working on this system for the last year, both with intake software vendors and internally with our client portal. The Feedback loop is a way to follow the leads as they come into your intake to see if that lead turns into a case after your intake has screened the lead over the phone. By us knowing what leads turn into cases we are able to know what ad, image, text, and audience the lead came from. This allows us to optimize our advertising for cost per case instead of cost per lead as is typical with most advertising agencies. Our portal will show the top 10 best performing ads based on how many leads it takes to produce a case. The Feedback Loop can also be performed manually. When your intake team logs in to our Portal they can send us what leads qualified for a retainer and which retainers were signed and returned to the office. Our Portal can then keep up with all the important metrics for you allowing you to see the percentage of leads to cases and the actual cost per case. The Feedback Loop will change the way we advertise! Our tests show that we will see a reduction of about 20-25% in price per case.
Our Feedback Loop has been developed with Captorra, ICE, and DMAA and automatic reporting will be setup.

The X Social Academy

The X Social Academy was setup to train Law Firm teams to do exactly what X Social Media does. It helps the Law Firm setup and do their own Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our first class of 25 students graduated in August 2018. Our next 12 week course starts up on November 6, 2018. Classes are held every Tuesday at 2 pm EST and run for one hour. This live online class, headed up by Andrew Giudici (a previous Facebook employee of three years), will get your team up to speed fast with hands on training in building and targeting on Facebook.
Registration is now open for the November class. I hope you all will take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Remember: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Leaning More About Facebook And Instagram.

Not quite sure what all the fuss is about with Facebook and Instagram from the law firms point of view.Head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of The Facebook Effect for Lawyers.
This book will give you a good understanding on why it is so important for your firm to lean about the new medium Facebook and how you can potentially make it your source of incoming cases for decades to come. The book was written as a how to book  for the Law Firm giving you the understanding of what makes Facebook tick and then given you actionable advice on how to use it in your marketing.

Sexual Abuse Cases Perfect For Facebook and Instagram Adverting For Lawyers

Posted on: June 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments

Law firms looking for victims of sexual abuse should be using Facebook and Instagram for their outreach to potential clients. As the #ME2 movement has swept the country over the last few years some very ugly truth has come to life about the sexual predictors in position of power praying on minors and college students. We had Michigan State as the first case and then USC and OSU all with the same problem. A well established doctor in the same position for 20-30 years praying on teenage girls and boys with the university turning a blind eye. As more and more information coming out about these cases it looks to be the same problems over and over again.

As a law firm there are lots of victims to help and changes needs to be made to institutions allowing this kind of predatory behavior on their campuses. At X Social Media we have been helping victims connect to law firms since 2013. We know what is important for these victims and we know how to help them. As a victim of sexual abuse you are looking for change so no other victim has to go though what they had to go though. The settlement money is a distant secondary to the main goal of changing the establishment and punishing the people that knew but did not act.

Facebook and Instagram’s targeting engine is setup in a way where everybody can be advertise to that went to a specific school or college. So when we place ads for women that went to USC we know that the women who see our ads has a possible interest in the ads we are showing them. They may not be a victim but they will know victims and they will “TAG” those victims by name in the comments under our ads so the victim see the ad on how to get help with their potential case against the university. Finding these victims on Facebook and Instagram is something we do everyday at X Social Media.

We estimate that 80-90% of the victims we reach had no idea that they could file a lawsuit against the school and had no idea that help was available for them. They are so used to telling people in power at the University and nobody helping them that a law firm ad offering help is a god send for most of these victims.

When news comes out that another doctor or teacher at a University or School have sexually abuse boys or girls X Social Media will be able to find your law firm those victims and connect them with your law firm.

The Social Revolution And What It Means For Your Law Firm.

Posted on: April 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments

A change is taking place in society and just like all the ones before, it comes from free will, dreams, the desire to advance, and the need to have a voice.

People are become aware of the corruption, politics and equality problems of our society and they want to have a place to voice their opinions. Most people in the Social Revolution bond together with like minded friends and family members but shy away from those with differing politically and social opinion.

In the past, revolutions took place on the streets with demonstrations. Today, with the freedom on the internet, the revolution is taking place on social media, in particular on Facebook. People are able to question everything in society from their living rooms.

In this great country we have seen The Land Grabs, The Gold Rush, The Industrial Revolution, The Internet Revolution and now we can watch The Social Media Revolution.

In the past land grabs and gold rush was all driven by horse drawn wagons, bravery and courage from people that knew they could change society.

The industrial revolutions where driven by oil. Oil drove the machinery that powered us forward into the 21 century that we now take for granted.

This new revolution is being build on user data, where demographics, ideals, and words are there currency of social networks.
Without the user data the internet would not be free.  Big companies like Facebook wouldn’t have the profits or employ the amount of people they do without user data.
In return, without user data Facebook would not be able to give users this forum for self expression. The fuel and currency of this revolution is User Data.

Now, how can your law firm profit from this?

User Data and Your Law Firm

There are many different ways to profit from the changes in the way business is being done. Below are a few examples of what you and your law firm should be thinking about.

First, you want to be seen. The average American spends 40 mins a day on Facebook. That’s about 20 Hours a month to reach them with a sponsored messages, telling them how you can help them.
You also want to increase your content creation. This way, when you post a new article that you know people what to see, Facebook will show them. The first place a Law Firm would want to look for user data is your CRM or database, where you have current and past clients. This data can be segmented into Diabetics patients, Heart Attack patients, Personal Injury Clients and so on. Then the data can be uploaded to Facebook’s advertising engine as an “audience to keep in touch with”. That way, all those past and present client will remember you and be more likely to refer you to a friend or family member.

Second, you want to use all the user data that Facebook has collected to your advantage. When we look at really big data, like the 220 million Americans that are connected to Facebook, patterns start to show what people are doing and how they are doing it. For example: You upload 1000 of your Hernia Mesh clients. From those 1000 clients we would see patterns in things like what they do, sports, health, diet, hospitals they visited and probably 1000’s of other interest and behaviors they have in common.
Now Facebook would provide you with an audience of 2,000,000 people that closest resembles the audience you uploaded.

After you have exhausted your data, go look what data Facebook has that you could use. If we keep the Hernia Mesh example, you can find an audience of 8.8 million on Facebook that are interested in Hernia Mesh (in some way) and you would find 200,000 people interested in Inguinal hernia. This could be a great audience to get in front of with an offering on how your law firm can help them.

If this sounds like a lot, that’s where X Social Media, my company, comes in. We have been aggregating user data since 2013 in 130 different mass torts and personal injuries verticals. We have been tracking 100’s of millions of people though our plaintiffs law firm advertising and we have lots of user data. In fact, the user data we have is what drives our agency to connect with more and more law firms to help them lower their Cost per acquisition (CPA) and to find more clients for their Firm.

What ever you decide to do at this point, you now know where things are going and you have to make adjustments in your firm to follow this revolution and to always stay current with your potential new clients. You need to be where they are.

What Makes X Social Media Different ?

Posted on: February 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments
At X Social Media we believe continued innovation is the only way we can continue to provide better and better value for our clients, so with that in mind here is what we have been doing for the last 3 months.

New Vertical Scaling of Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Spending $100 a day is a lot different then spend $100,000 a day on Facebook and Instagram advertising. To keep up with the ever growing demand from new clients we have developed the following AI and Machine learning algorithms that is applied to all campaigns running at X Social Media, ensuring our clients get the best quality leads at the lowest prices.
All campaigns run on our platform with a desired average price per lead, let’s say our average price for a campaign is $100 per lead. Our code will look at the last 7 days spend and give every ad that runs a Letter grade, A-F, as to how well its performing. Our System will automatically shut down all E-F grades. It will ask us to lower the amount of spend on C-D ads (depending on the trending) and increase spend (Scale) A-B ads. This process has now been automated by X Social Media. This means that we can scale the good campaigns and shut off the bad ones. We call this Vertical Scaling of your Campaign.
With this in place spending larger budgets on Facebook and Instagram is now possible.

New Horizontal Scaling of Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Now just because you have something great in place does not mean that you should stop innovating so we took it one step further. Since Facebook runs on a Cost per Impression Auction system we have started to run a Horizontal scaling of campaigns as well. Horizontal scaling is when you scale a working campaign within the Average Price per lead so since its an Auction we automatically setup 8 different Bid(Prices) for leads with Facebook and Instagram. If the average price again is $100 we setup 8 different bids starting between $99 and $1 per lead. This does not have as much volume as Vertical scaling but it gives us a fair amount of very cheap leads in between Zero and $99 per lead. This will lower the average lead price over time and again provide our clients with a better yielding campaign.

Feed Back Loop Advertising Based on Conversions

We do have a few clients that have now switched over to Conversion based advertising. This is where we ask for data on the leads that where sent to them (All automatic) and our advertising decisions are based on each ad and how it converts coming to the attorneys intake or outsourced intake.
This is the future of our kind of advertising, where the advertising only works when conversions are taking place on the attorney’s side. Optimizing for cheapest price per lead is just plain stupid and we need to get away from that. We need to optimize our campaigns based on how they convert at the law firm’s intake. This is in process and we will have everybody switch over in the next 6 month.

Helping Victims Is What We Are All About

Our business was started to help victims from the BP Oil Spill and we continue our journey  to help more and more victims in the mass torts area.In February we had our biggest month to date seeing new leads from 24,150 new victims in around 65 different mass torts.  The video below goes into how X Social Media was started and why.

Hernia Mesh Revision Cases Still Going Strong

We are seeing a lot of victims of Hernia Mesh revision surgeries and bad mesh products. Just last month we saw 4,062 potential new victims of Hernia Mesh and there are plenty of more clients on Facebook looking for help. The benefit of finding the people on Facebook is that they normally don’t know they can file a claim for their defective Hernia Mesh. So when you show them an ad that you can help them, they are eager to sign up.
Hernia Mesh Cases

IVC Filter Bard First Settlement In.

We have heard from several attorneys this month that talks are underway with Bard on settling several big dockets of Bard IVC Filters. This has created another strong push to get more IVC filter cases in. We are seeing a very strong demand for IVC filter advertising, and in January we got over 2,500 new IVC leads. There are still plenty of more IVC filters out there with and without injury.
IVC Filter Cases

3M Ear Plugs Cases

We are seeing a healthy increase in spending on 3M Ear Plugs in January and February we have seen close to 20,000 new leads come in from Military personnel hurt by ear plugs reporting hearing loss or tinnitus. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in lead prices on this campaign, much more then we first expected with a pool of 1.5 million Military members potentially suffering from the 3M Ear Plug defects. With a total of 20,000 new leads that has come in to date on the 3M ear plug campaigns we are running our data is now so good that we can run Look A like ads for these campaigns. We are still accepting new clients for 3M Ear Plug campaigns.

3M Ear Plug Cases


The Largest Law Firm Growth Conference on Earth

Posted on: January 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments
The Crisp Game Changers Summit 2, much like the first groundbreaking Summit, takes a holistic approach to law firm growth. So rather than teaching you how to improve your skills solely in the courtroom, we pull back the veil to reveal how some of the nation’s most successful law firms (and businesses) build the most efficient and successful teams, attract the best clients, and unlock unprecedented growth.
This conference is designed for committed attorneys who are willing to do whatever it takes to transform their practice and take things to the next level.
You don’t come to the Crisp Game Changers Summit to watch a few boring Powerpoints and commiserate at the evening cocktail hour. You come to the Crisp Game Changers Summit to learn actionable strategies from the nation’s leading attorneys and other industry experts that will guarantee you have the tools needed to exponentially grow your law firm.
The Summit will feature the latest marketing, culture, and business development insights and combine that knowledge with an unforgettable and immersive event experience.
Make no mistake about it: the Crisp Game Changers Summit 2 will be the biggest and best law firm growth event in the industry.
Join the X Social Media Team at Crisp Game Changers Summit 2 By Entering Promo Code XSOCIAL for $250 of each ticket you buy. Click Here Now To Sign Up.

But There Is More At The Crisp Game Changers Summit 2

At the Crisp Game Changers Summit, we’re handing over the keys to a Ferrari California.

The Ferrari California is not just any car — it’s everyone’s dream car.
This is a badass exotic roadster that features a 453-horsepower V8 engine and an F1-style dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. It reaches 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and tops out at 193 mph.
Join the X Social Media Team at Crisp Game Changers Summit 2 By Entering Promo Code XSOCIAL for $250 of each ticket you buy. Click Here Now To Sign Up.

Learn More About X Social Media

Posted on: October 3rd, 2018 by Jacob M No Comments

We’re a Data Driven ad agency that specializes in running campaigns for Plaintiffpar lawyers on Facebook and Instagram. We are an experienced team of 15 people that  runs more then 1.5 million dollars worth of advertising dollars every month for about 150 law firms.

We have in house designers, coders and ad specialists to ensure your campaign will attract the right potential new clients that your criteria specifies. We have Facebook  data on about 65 different mass torts that we have run with success in the past. This data will be utilized when your campaign is ready to run, and it will ensure that your cost per acquiring new clients will be the cheapest possible in the mass torts advertising space.

We are a full-service ad agency that will produce and setup all the advertising creative and a specialized landing page. All customized for your firm and your specific campaign. All assets will be approved by your firm before we start running the campaign and most of the time your firm will have to send these creatives to the state bar for approval. Our focus in the mass tort industry will also give your firm an unfair advantage and we can provide for case referrals or case sign up services. Also, we have thorough knowledge and a deeper understanding about many breaking torts before anybody else knows about them. We can get your firm involved early on with a breaking tort. We pride ourselves in having a 2-3 day turn around on any campaign and a 24 Hour Express order guarantee on time sensitive matters ($500par extra).

 Facebook Targeting for Mass Torts Lawyers

On Facebook, we can target by Geographic, Demographic, Interests, and Behaviors based on Facebook tracking the user around the web and tracking their conversations on Facebook. Giving us the ability to target Diabetic, Cancers and any other medical details that you may be interested in. We have the ability to target people in a certain local, if a specific tort would require that. This is the basic way to find people to advertise to on Facebook. On top of that, we can use what we call enhanced audiences that are generated based on who responds to a certain ad. We can then go find more people similar to the people that converted. Example. We have seen more than 60,000 conversions on Hernia Mesh, so now we can ask Facebook for 2 million people that look similar to the 60,000 people that already converted. Facebook would match people (Big Data) on all the different data points that Facebook has on any users on its platform (more than 200 million in United States).

Landing Pages For Lawyers

The Landing page, we create at X Social Media are very special compared to normal landing page, you may have seen in the past. Our claim to fame is the ability to lead the  potential new client into giving us their contact information. On a regular landing page where you just ask people for their contact information conversion rates are around 1% of  all visitors to the page. On our landing page, we see between 3%-7% conversion rates because of the bread crumbs, we have laid out for the visitors to follow. As the visitor comes in, we ask them 3-4 questions that are easy for them to answer, mostly Yes/No questions but also questions about any side effects they may have had after taking a certain drug. We can then qualify or dis-qualify people based on these questions. After people hit submit without giving us any contact information, we then tell them on the next page, they “May” qualify and then ask them for their contact information. This simple approach not only helps both your intake in getting more qualified leads in, but also it increases the conversion rate as potential new clients gets invested in the submission of the form. We believe we have the best landing page system in the industry.

Check out our special Landing Pages here

 X Connect And Easy Way For Lawyers To Connect With Clients

If your intake prefers incoming calls we offer a system that will turn your web leads into direct calls into your intake. When a potential new client hits submit on the web form a call goes out to  your intake, this is where a computer voice announces the lead that just came in and asks if the intake specialist wants to talk to potential new client now! If the intake specialist presses 1 on their phone, a call goes out to the client that just filled out a lead. Our stats on our X Connect System is at 50% + connection rate. In doing it this way, clients are called back within 10 seconds of them filling out a lead. X Connect can also be used as a Text Message System where the client that just submitted a lead, next they will get a text message thanking them for submitting a lead, and then they will  be told that an intake specialist from a given number will call them shortly. This is a proven way to increase connection rates with potential new clients. X Connect will always use a different phone number for each law firm, so if a potential new client misses a call or text, and calls the number back, they will always reach the correct law firm that tried to get hold of them.

 X Social Academy For Lawyers

X Social Media was started as an Advocacy Agency and our goal was to help as many people as possible, and for those people to get help from a law firm. To reach this goal we need to teach more law firms about Facebook, so their in-house advertising teams can do what we do for the law firm. For that reason, we started the X Academy that will teach law firms personnel everything we can do to generate leads on Facebook. It a 12-hour live training course every Tuesday at 2pm that will take a student through the process of setting up landing pages to targeting potential new clients on Facebook. When students graduate from X Academy they will know everything we know about Facebook advertising for law firms.

To further help Law firms understand the new digital medium Facebook, we wrote a “How To” book that will explain everything about Facebook and how it works from a law firm’s perspective. Also, we give examples of different campaigns and how to target specific people on a campaign. Our hope is that people reading the book will have a better understand of advertising in a data driven environment where AI (Artificial Intelligence) will determine who will see your ad next. The Facebook platform being so far in front of any other way of generating qualified leads. It’s a must have tool for most law firms. The book will give your team the understanding of this epic shift in the way advertising dollars should be spend.

Get the book now

See Us At MTMP

For law firms that want to learn more about Facebook advertising to find new potential clients, we will be at MTMP this week and we hope that you will stop by our booth and have a talk about Facebook advertising. We are also involved in the conversation Wednesday with two talk on stage about Finding Mass Torts cases on Facebook.

We will also be honored with  the 2018 Innovator award at the Thursday Lunch at MTMP and we hope that many of our clients will be there as we could not have done this without our customers support.

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