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April 21, 2020

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What Should We Be Doing Now ?
The most asked question last week was, “I have 30 people sitting at home not doing anything right now, what campaigns can we run with you so they have stuff to do?”

The Answer: Make sure you have enough money put back to cover your employees for an extended time before advertising.

If you do want to advertise do something good locally this is a time for you to build your local brand. What good you do now will be talked about on social media and will be remembered by your local community for years to come. Help people locally that are less fortunate and feel good about being able to help. If you do the right thing it will always pay dividends in the long run.

A few ideas:
-Donate meals to elderly
-Donate meals to first responders.
-Help First responders with person protective gear.
-Help the less fortunate in your local community.

I am seeing a lot of law firms doing it and its the right thing to do.

Now if you are already doing all this good for you and good for your firm. For mass torts these are incredible times, we have never seen lower prices on digital media and more eye balls seeing the ads.

At X Social Media we will do all the setup and advertising. We will then automatically send the leads to LCC or Opus for intake and sign up based on your criteria. You will then get the sign case back to your people for further case work up. You control the whole process but it is all done for you.

Contact us if your want to start a local donation campaign or a mass torts campaign. Jacob@xsocialmedia.com

Please review average prices on our website. Xsocialmedia.com\

Email: jacob@xsocialmedia.com     Call us: 888.670.0006

April 2020 Average Lead Prices From Facebook Advertising
IVC Filter
Talcum Powder
Opioid Leads
Boy Scout Abuse
Hernia Mesh
Elmiron – Vision Loss
Human Trafficking
Uber/Lift Abuse

Fire Foam -Cancer

Round Up
Meso / Lung Cancer
Church Abuse
NY/CA Abuse
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Becoming A Client Of X Social Media LLC

It’s easy to become a new client!

First you give us a call or write us an email with what campaign you are interested in running.  We can help you with an outsourced call center, ref. attorneys…etc, if you need it. We will then setup the landing page up for your firm ($750) and setup the ads and campaigns to produce leads for your firm. We charge Facebook advertising costs +15% as our management fee and a one-time fee per campaign of $750 to make the 3-page landing page for you.

When you get the landing page out for review check that everything is like you want it and we are ready to start your campaign. Normally we see 3 days from order to campaign start.

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