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March 24, 2020

We want you to know we are here for you and your teams as we all deal with the impacts of the global pandemic. Here is a quick video we made that we would love for you to watch and share: Click Here to Watch or click on the image.
A List of Tools for Working Remotely
As yours and most businesses move to working remotely, perhaps for the first time, we wanted to share with you a quick list of tools (mostly free) and ideas on how to use them to help you and your teams work remotely and get back to work.
For Daily Communication and Chat: Skype is an easy tool to start using, alternatively Microsoft Teams has a lot of nice collaboration features and if you have Office365 you have Teams included by default. Most chat programs like Slack have basic features included for free (Filevine even has an official LegalWFH Slack “channel” you can join here)
To host Video Meetings or Virtual consultations: Teams offers integrated communications for both video and chat similar to Skype. More Video-first platforms like Zoom and meeting-first platforms like GoToMeeting and Join.Me also offer options to consider based on usage and need. If you just need a phone bridge, consider simple free services like Uberconference.
In an effort to help our network, we have partnered with 1Law who is offering a free 60-day trial of their Virtual Lawyer software for free which includes video conferencing for virtual consultations. You can reach out directly to jason@1law.com for more info.
For Recording Presentations (Screen Recording): Software like Loom, Soapbox and Vidyard all offer free tools that allow anyone from any screen to record a presentation and send it out to all teammates (or clients for that matter).
Document Storage and Signing: Dropbox owns Hellosign but also integrates with tools like Docusign and Adobe Sign. Solutions like Pandadoc can be used to create drag and drop contracts from templates as well, and soon, X Social will offer a completely new option for collecting signatures.
Video sharing: Wistia, Vimeo, Vidyard, and YouTube can all be used to create and share videos. Use video in this time to connect to customers and tell your story. Connecting digitally is more important than ever right now.
Calendaring, If you need to quickly figure out how to find time on multiple peoples calendars, calendaring apps like Calendly can automate and speed up the scheduling back and forth.
You can use this link for example to book a meeting with Jacob and Lucas to discuss these strategies and your plans for Facebook marketing through the pandemic: Book Time
Increased Traffic + Decrease in Advertisers = More Inventory & Lower CPL for X Social Clients
As they always say to look for the silver lining in everything, the one good thing that has come out of the massive disruption to business in the world has been that this interruption has left open an opportunity for our clients.
Let us explain.
A few anomalies have happened in the last few weeks:
1- There has been an increase in overall traffic to be served ads to online as everyone turns to their phones and their screens for more information and to work.
2- There has been a decrease in overall advertisers bidding on ad inventory as shops and businesses have closed their doors and are transitioning their workforces to work from home.
3- CPL has gone down week over week for the last 3 weeks.
This shows us that while it is tempting to pause all campaigns and to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic, data shows us that those who stay in the game now will both reap immediate rewards as well as stand the best chance of surviving the now almost guaranteed economic implications of the coronavirus.

Email Lucas for more info and more specifics on trends per case type at Lucas@xsocialmedia.com.

The New Mass Tort That Has Been Around For 40 Years.
Zantac or Ranitidine first came out in 1981 and by 1987 it was the most prescribed drug in the world for decreasing stomach acid production. Fast forward almost 40 years later and we find out that Zantac should really not be exposed to heat. When exposed to heat in the body, the chemical called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, a probable human carcinogen is created.
In the almost 40 years on the market, no warning was ever given on this and we could be talking about a whole lot of people exposed and at risk. In 2016 there where more than 15 million Americans with a prescription to Zantac (not counting the people that got it over the counter.)
The cancers that could be tied to Zantac are: Bladder Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Small Intestine Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Kidney Cancer

We have been finding clients for this tort for the last 4 months and we have setup attorneys if you are interested in ref. the cases out. We are seeing case costs currently running backing into $550-$800 per case. You can see our statistics on this tort here

This is one that will go on for some time, and those that start earlier, will stand a better chance to keep their costs down over the long term. Ask your dedicated rep today about getting your campaigns setup on the Feedback Loop!
New Intake Center Comes Online
As many intake centers are operating at capacity with the Facebook leads X Social Media provides, our company has associated with a new high quality custom intake company specifically focused on the legal industry and scaled for major growth with us.
The training, set-up and implementation has been conducted by the OPUS Intake group who are well known in the industry for their training procedures that optimize conversion and return on investment in the overall intake process.
The OPUS Intake system has been built from the ground up with full integration and a feedback loop with X Social Media.  Training and testing completed and initial results meeting high expectations and metrics, we are confident of the service and results that will be delivered for all clients.
The OPUS Intake service is very flexible in set-up and service and they are priced competitively at $35 per lead.
For more information on how to start a new campaign or with any questions please contact jacob@xsocialmedia.com or lucas@xsocialmedia.com
X Social Media,

A Digital Ad Agency
X Social Media started in 2015, and we are now working with over 350 law firms doing direct advertising to consumers via Facebook and Instagram and now Google, Bing, and other digital and native display channels. All advertising we do is by direct response and for every dollar we spend, we generate value by helping people get representation and compensation for whatever has happened to them.

In 2018 we wrote a book on how to use Facebook and Instagram to help generate cases for law firms. The Facebook Effect For Lawyers which is now available on Amazon.


We are a full-service digital advertising agency that spent over $50 million in Facebook advertising alone in 2019. We have in-house Developers, Designers, Ad specialists, and Directors of Marketing & Strategy ready to run your campaign as efficiently as possible while generating as many leads as possible.We are a true extension of your team and practice true transparency in everything we do.

We have a trusted network of friends in the Mass Torts Industry and can help you with introductions to Tier 1 attorneys for case referrals. We also have the latest information about a lot of new projects that are running with very few firms involved.


We would love to take over as your true digital experts, it’s 2020 and you deserve the best digital marketing agency this year. So take the first step and reach out to us via phone 888-670-0006 or email at: [jacob@xsocialmedia.com]jacob@xsocialmedia.com so you can see the difference in performance for yourself.
We look forward to your call or message.
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