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August 25, 2021

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A Lawyer’s Guide To Mass Torts: Establish Your Legacy


This comprehensive collection of business advice, technological guidance, and practical instruction on how to find success in the world of mass torts is, quite simply, unlike any other mass tort book available today.It compiles―in one single, easily digestible volume―a comprehensive array of wisdom from the most successful lawyers in the field as well as targeted advice from bleeding-edge technologists, financiers, and industry thought leaders.The result is a one-of-a-kind road map for growth, which will help lawyers in other fields confidently migrate into mass torts while improving the business operations of those already working in the field.
Its central aim is to help readers achieve three goals: Attain personal and financial success in mass torts. Establish one’s own enduring legacy in a rapidly changing field. And most importantly, help victims who have been wronged by corporate negligence find equitable justice under the law.Its development has been conceived, spearheaded, and overseen by Jacob Malherbe, the founder and CEO of X Social Media, an influential Inc. 500 company that has revolutionized how mass tort lawyers can use Facebook, social media, and digital TV services to find and sign clients. In recent years, his efforts and advertising platform have helped lawyers find potential new clients at an unprecedented clip while driving down the cost of conversion rates at levels unthinkable even a few years ago.This compendium of knowledge aims to do something equally monumental: create an open-source opportunity for some of the brightest and most ambitious minds in the industry to join the fight in helping everyday victims who need legal assistance the very most.Join us on a carefully curated journey into the history, practice, and future of mass torts.
Join us this week on Lawful Good to hear from John Morgan!
John Morgan is the founder of the largest injury law firm in the nation: Morgan & Morgan.
John was born in Kentucky to parents who were often under the influence of alcohol, absent, or both. As the oldest of five children, John was essentially caretaker of his family and home at a young age. And though his academic performance was just average, he was a natural-born salesman.
But that destiny was forever changed after a family member’s traumatic injury at a Disney resort.
In recent years, John has leveraged his financial success to organize and bankroll a variety of compassion-centered causes in Florida, including bail reform, medical marijuana, and the $15 minimum wage.
In this episode, Luke talks with John about his difficult youth, whether Cuban cigars are all they’re cracked up to be, and what he’s learned about the balance between mercy and justice.

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