2018 Legal Service Innovation Award X Social Media

Jacob Malherbe

June 26, 2019

After only 4 years in business we were honored at this years MTMP with the 2018 Legal Services Innovation award! This award was given to us for our work on making Facebook a medium where Law firms can find new cases for their practice. Our 2018 book, “The Facebook Effect For Lawyers” was also highlighted for being a great tool for law firms to understand the inner workings of Facebook and how they can use Facebook for their own marketing purposes.
We are very humbled and thankful for your support. We will continue our efforts to innovate the industry making our product better than ever!

New Innovations At MTMP

We want to highlight a few innovations that we presented for the first time at this MTMP for those that were not able to see us so they can understand the magnitude of the changes coming to the industry.

Disqualifying Potential Clients On The Landing Page.

After testing our landing page design and setup for months, we believe we have the best converting landing pages in the industry. Potential future clients are able to discover if they qualify, based on the criteria for a given Mass Tort, before they are asked to provide any personal information. This method build trust between the potential client and the law firm.
The landing pages are designed to qualify or disqualify potential new clients based on their answers to a few simple questions about their case. Any question can have multiple disqualifying answers. This allows the law firm to narrow the leads down help ensure the leads are very qualified before they come to your intake.

The Feedback Loop by X Social Media

We introduced the Feedback Loop for the first time at this MTMP. We have been working on this system for the last year, both with intake software vendors and internally with our client portal. The Feedback loop is a way to follow the leads as they come into your intake to see if that lead turns into a case after your intake has screened the lead over the phone. By us knowing what leads turn into cases we are able to know what ad, image, text, and audience the lead came from. This allows us to optimize our advertising for cost per case instead of cost per lead as is typical with most advertising agencies. Our portal will show the top 10 best performing ads based on how many leads it takes to produce a case. The Feedback Loop can also be performed manually. When your intake team logs in to our Portal they can send us what leads qualified for a retainer and which retainers were signed and returned to the office. Our Portal can then keep up with all the important metrics for you allowing you to see the percentage of leads to cases and the actual cost per case. The Feedback Loop will change the way we advertise! Our tests show that we will see a reduction of about 20-25% in price per case.
Our Feedback Loop has been developed with Captorra, ICE, and DMAA and automatic reporting will be setup.

The X Social Academy

The X Social Academy was setup to train Law Firm teams to do exactly what X Social Media does. It helps the Law Firm setup and do their own Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our first class of 25 students graduated in August 2018. Our next 12 week course starts up on November 6, 2018. Classes are held every Tuesday at 2 pm EST and run for one hour. This live online class, headed up by Andrew Giudici (a previous Facebook employee of three years), will get your team up to speed fast with hands on training in building and targeting on Facebook.
Registration is now open for the November class. I hope you all will take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Remember: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Leaning More About Facebook And Instagram.

Not quite sure what all the fuss is about with Facebook and Instagram from the law firms point of view.Head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of The Facebook Effect for Lawyers.
This book will give you a good understanding on why it is so important for your firm to lean about the new medium Facebook and how you can potentially make it your source of incoming cases for decades to come. The book was written as a how to book  for the Law Firm giving you the understanding of what makes Facebook tick and then given you actionable advice on how to use it in your marketing.

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